Presto Tater Twister – Curly Fry Cutter

After posting the Air Fried Curly Fries directions, some of my followers ask me how I cut them. So I decided to do a product review on my Curly Fry Potato Cutter. I don’t recall where I bought it or how much it was as it was many years go.

I looked it up on Amazon to see if they still sold them and the cost, they are $89.00 and up. Maybe it’s an antique at that price. Here is what Amazon says about this product:

  • Presto electric Tater Twister twists potatoes and other vegetables into curly cuts that are perfect for frying or baking. 
  • Easy to Use. Just place the potato on the special twister platform, turn on the power switch and put in the cutting bowl while pushing down. Curly cuts twist out in seconds like magic! Then fry or bake them up for a delicious homemade curly fries. 
  • Easy to Clean. Motor base wipes clean and all other parts are completely immersible. 
  • Economical. Makes curly fries for less than half the cost of frozen. 
  • See-through hopper allows to you to see the potato or vegetable, the cutting bowl catches the curly fries as they twist out.

Now for my review, this is a remarkable unit. Not only is it safe to use but easy as well. In fact, my 8 year old cut the fries for me, that’s how safe it is. I prepared the potatoes for him and set it in the unit then Presto! (Pun intended) he made curly fries.

I honestly can not come up with any cons about this product. I highly recommend it especially since you can use it for vegetables too.

I did not receive any compensation for my review.


  1. No compensation? I guess but it doesn’t seem right to me. But the fries are restaurant quality and a family pleaser so that is compensation enough. Plus, they look like fun to make. You are so great!

    • Don’t I wish I was compensated. I’ve been told many times to check into it but I don’t seem able to find the time. Lol They are definitely fun to make and you are so good for my ego! 😂

    • I always see posts of people that have the veggie spiralizer and I wanted to get one but this does the same thing. Way too many gadgets already and this one is awesome. Lol

    • Believe me, I am certain I only paid around $20-$25 a LONG time ago. I don’t think I have ever paid more than that for a gadget but lately, gadgets are getting so expensive!

  2. These look delicious. I never knew there was such a thing! My granddaughter is 8 also so this might be a fun family gift. A Presto electric Tater Twister! Thanks for the great review Diane. Hugs, C

  3. Hi. I just looked this Tator Twister up on eBay. There are several listed- I may get one, just for fun. Potatoes here are crazy high- Sunday I saw 5 pound bags were 9.99 at the grocery store… the potato cutter does look fun for kids. Great post.

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