8 Year Old Deviled Eggs

Check it out! My 8 year old grandson stayed overnight and asked if he could have those cooked eggs with that yummy stuff inside and that sprinkle stuff on top. I told him yes if he wants to make them himself. Be still my heart because he said yes!

He has just begun to show an interest in cooking and he has a very short attention span so I have to keep things easy and quick. We already had hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator. He was so proud of how his delicious eggs turned out but mostly of how he sprinkled them with the paprika.

He informed me that I had to take a picture and show it on my blog. I said I already took the picture and will definitely share it on my blog.

He ate every one of those Deviled Eggs for lunch and informed me he will be making them next time he comes over too.



  1. 💜 From The Mouths of Babes is Wisdom Received EveryOne; anyone who complains about children is a fool


    • Awe thank you and I will! I am so excited he showed interest for a day at least. With his short attention span it’s going to be hard to come up with things for him to make completely but if I can just keep his interest up with little tasks in the kitchen I will be happy.

  2. Ahhhhhh, Diane,  that’s wonderful, just wonderful!  You’re one good grandmother. ❤️

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    • Right back at you Mitzy! I love seeing him learn new things. His attention span is very short but I think because he knew ahead of time what he wanted to eat really helped. He helped Grandpa make Jello and I had him use the device that cuts curly fries all in one day, that was huge. I pray it continues as he gets older. I told him he has to learn how to cook so he can cook for us when we get old. Lol

    • I was so proud of him. It was his first time making something from start to finish. I taught him how to use the microwave a while back for things like pizza rolls and that was a huge success as well. Thank you Nancy! 🥰

    • This was a rare day, however, I hope I can get him interested in other recipes as well. It’s hard when kids don’t have a long attention span but I won’t give up, baby steps! Thank you!

  3. Way to go to your grandson and you. They look so delicious! You must be so delighted he’s showing an interest in cooking and he has a wonderful coach in you. Look forward to seeing more of his and your cooking adventures in the future!

      • When T was younger, I’d get him to help me on Saturday mornings with making breakfast, like eggs or pancakes. He doesn’t show much interest these days. He does turn 8 next month so maybe your grandson is a sign of good things to come too for T! 🙏

  4. Your grandson did a wonderful job! Please give my compliments to the chef (although I didn’t taste them, but I’m sure they were delicious.) Great that he’s learning to cook, Diane. : – )

  5. I love this story because Deviled Eggs is the first dish I learned to make on my own as a girl. I even won a blue ribbon for a 4-H demonstration I gave on how to prepare them! I hope the two of you have many years ahead of you to make memories and delicious food.

    • What a wonderful memory! 4-H is such a great organization. I hope he keeps his interest in cooking, after all, I told him he has to because I want him to cook for us in our older years, he just smiled. 🤣

  6. Whoever doesn’t like these eggs, this post, and that kid as a SCROOGE!! This is so great, Diane! When our grandkids show an interest in cooking or writing or anything we do, it’s a thrill and our obligation as good old grandparents to go promote with the learning/bonding experience. What a great “Grandma and Me Day” for both him (and you, too)! I wish we could see his happy face stuffing those fantastic-looking eggs into his mouth! Love this post!! 💫

  7. My partner John is such an awesome cook because he learned from his grandmother! That is so wonderful you grandson wanted to do some cooking and made those deviled eggs (oh how I love deviled eggs!) You are giving him wonderful memories! John told me a story of how he skipped a party in junior high school to go hang out and cook with his grandmother!

    • Oh be still my heart, what a lovely memory he shared Tierney. My grandson is so sweet, he holds the door for me, helps me get up etc. to be a gentleman. Last time he said I have the door grandma, don’t tell mom because I won’t do it for her! 😂

  8. I bet they tasted great — but you didn’t get to eat one! Next time he wants to make deviled eggs, he’s welcome to come to my house. Field trip to North Carolina!

  9. A chef in the making … trained by his grandma! Those eggs look great – he did a great job in the kitchen … and if he ate everything he made, it sure must have tasted good 😀.

  10. [Woefully behind in Reader …] Diane – this grandson has it in his genes to be a great cook like his Grandma. You need to get him a chef’s hat … I thought that a couple of years ago already. Your granddaughter also cooks – you two recently made something together. I wish my mom had taken time with me but she said “you will learn like I did, you can read, so you follow the cookbook.” My grandmother was like me – she made a mean pot roast, but otherwise was not a cook or baker.

    • In the past only my granddaughter wanted to cook. Then she lost interest to her electronics. So now her brother starts to cook. My granddaughter stayed with us this past weekend for fun and guess who made supper Saturday night? I think there was a bit of jealousy so her interest may be coming back. 😂

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