Did You Know – Bacon Seasonings

Did you know they make bacon flavored salt and sugar? My husbands Mom gave this to him for Christmas and he just told me I could use it if I want to, finally! Well of course I will try them, after all they have bacon flavor!

As I use them I will try to remember to do an update to let you know how they taste or if I noticed the flavor at all.

I have had bacon flavored jam and it was delicious! Have you tried any other bacon flavored food items?

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  1. Oh yeah! Chocolate covered bacon, good but not my favorite, bacon infused olive oil and bacon ice cream.
    Hey, we’re American. Creativity never dies. So, you got bacon? Bring it on!

  2. Bacon-flavored salt and sugar? Be still my heart! They sound great, so I’ll be eager to get your progress reports as you try them. I make turkey sausage patties. Bacon-flavored salt and/or sugar might be a great addition to that recipe. Hmmm.

  3. I’ve never tried a bacon-flavored food items, but somewhere in Michigan (I know it’s not close to me) has an annual Bacon Fest. That would be fun to attend!

      • I actual never liked the store bought. I want crème, chocolate or raspberry jelly and all the store has is apple and other fillings that just don’t belong in a donut! Lol Also, the store covers them in granulated sugar and I have to have icing, nothing else is acceptable! 🤣 Now you see why I make my own food.

      • We used to have a Polish bakery that has since closed and become a Polish butcher, but they made the best paczki. Some friends of the family loved them too and they were retired, so they’d get up at the crack of dawn on Fat Tuesday to stand in line and get a dozen for them and a dozen for us. My mom and I could not polish off a dozen, so we froze the rest. We always gave up sweets for Lent and as soon as Lent was ending, my mom would take four paczkis out of the freezer to thaw. 🙂 Our friends would get a mixed box of them … Boston Cream with the chocolate icing (yummy, my favorite) and the traditional prune or raspberry with white icing and lemon with granulated sugar. I have not had a paczki in years – those friends are long gone. You’d better find a recipe soon – your assignment before next week!

      • Prune filling, that was the other one that is in the store! I love prunes but not in donuts. That was so nice that your mom didn’t have to go and stand in line. They just don’t make neighbors like they used to. Lol

      • Yes, prunes aren’t for donuts – I agree. This bakery made such awesome Boston Creme Paczkis … I don’t see that kind in the grocery store.

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