Cast Iron Pans – Score!

If you had a chance to buy these pans, would you? Read about these pans, what they look like now and how much they wanted for them HERE.

Click HERE to see how I season my cast iron pans.


  1. I didn’t even read this one yet, but I saw the pictures. I would definitely buy them! Even if I was only able to clean and use one the price would be worth it. In a teflon coated non-stick world cast iron pans have no equal.
    Now I’ll read it but I’m sure I won’t change my mind.

  2. There are still so many of these, in varying conditions, in the second hand shops and markets here. They are usually a Euro or two each and maybe three or four if they are more cauldron like and have the iron feet. Scrubbing, drying and seasoning them can be quite therapeutic but I can see why non-stick surfaces became popular! 😉

  3. I have two cast iron pans that I use and reuse. I love them. They are black on the outside but getting just iron color on the inside. What is that black color? paint? I always wipe them good after I clean them and hang them up.

    • The black is the seasoning of the pan. The inside should be just as black, not iron color. It sounds like it is time to re-season your pans. Does you food stick to them? When they are seasoned properly the are like cooking on Teflon, food doesn’t stick. I bet your iron levels are excellent in you body. 😉

  4. What a steal, Diane. Having that saviness and elbow grease are what make the difference. The before and after pictures are striking.

    One of my favourite meals was when my friend made a steak over the camp fire on a cast iron pan. They really are wonderful tools for the kitchen.

  5. We used cast iron on campouts with the scouts. The troop had the same set for decades and they still look and work great. I am agahast that you use soap on them, lol. My first time cleaning a CI pan I was gonna soap it and a fellow scouter run up and say NO! Don’t let the old timers see you do that.

  6. What a great find! I use a cast iron skillet almost everyday. I think I have four. A few years ago I was given one, but it seems to be higher in the center because the oil runs to the outside. I don’t use it for that reason. A friend have me a very small skillet quite a while back that is in bad shape and it it still in the trunk of the car. The one I use most everyday was my parents and is well seasoned.

    • They are a great investment. I wash my pans gently with soap and water every time I cook with them. Then I rub them with grease, heat them on top of the burner and wipe them dry with a paper towel, they stay beautiful. Now they make cast iron pans that aren’t as heavy, I think Lodge makes them.

  7. I used to always use cast iron pans, not sure why I stopped using them. We went out for breakfast this morning and my husband had a skillet breakfast in a very small cast iron pan.

  8. Thanks Diane…..very interesting. I had no idea. I do have a big cast iron pot for making chili and soup and agree it’s very heavy to lift.

  9. We have quite a few cast iron pots in our kitchen cupboard (and in our camping boxes). Some of them we have since we got married 27 years ago! They all still look very good (precisely because we also grease them with vegetable oil if we put them away until the next time). We use many of these pots on the fire when we make the famous South African ‘potjie’. Love these pots and yours looks beautiful!

    • Thank you I just used one today and did the same thing with oiling it after it was clean. That is definitely the secret to keeping them nice. In Ohio our campers use the gigantic CI kettle on a tripod over the campfire when there is groups of people camping. Always makes the best soup. Everybody throws in what they want so it always tastes different but delicious!

  10. That was interesting Diane – that post was before I started following you. I remember my mom had two cast iron frying pans – the smaller one she used for eggs mostly and the bigger one especially for fried potatoes. In later years, she could not use the big one after her carpal tunnel issues as she could not lift it easily. She was short and smallish. My grandmother had one of the deep cast iron frying pans which she used for fried potatoes too.

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