Did You Know – M & M’s

Did you know M & M’s are named after the businessmen who created them, Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, who apparently didn’t have the best relationship. Mars leveraged Murrie out of his 20% share of the business before it became the biggest-selling sweet in the US, bad luck on his part!


Source: Cosmopolitan

Image: Unsplash


  1. I knew they were one of the candies developed for the Pacific heat in WWII, but I never knew this bit of info. Thanks.

  2. What bad luck indeed! I didn’t know this interesting trivia. I wonder which M appears first in the company name!

  3. I always like these food tidbits Diane. It reminds me of the show “Unwrapped” that my mom and I watched years ago. So, as I was reading this post, I thought “I’ve never heard of Murrie, only Mars” as a big candy company. I believe it – M&Ms used to only com like yours in the photo, candy-coated, melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hands as the commercial went. They are like Peeps marshmallow treats … lots of different flavors and variations.

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      • I cancelled my cable TV in 2010 (even before blogging). My TV is very old, a 19-inch TV with the back that sticks out. I don’t even have it plugged in. I have been watching a few shows on Amazon Prime and with my Comcast I get the Peacock channel free and it has ads. But it is free and I want to watch Yellowstone as it is on there – when I will watch it is anyone’s guess. 🙂 I decided to try reading more this year and was doing well the first two weeks of January, but am behind now.

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      • I bought my mom a 7-inch TV for her room after the FTC made changes and her little B&W was no longer good – we got something to use it, but the gizmo went on top of the TV and it had a rounded top. That is good to know – I wish I could watch the news. I try to watch it online sometimes after I finish at work. They just raised my internet again last month. I have Comcast and since I don’t have cable or phone bundles with them, it is now $117.00/month!

      • That’s a deal! Who are you with? I have had Comcast since I got my first computer in 2000 – I waited until right after Y2K so it wouldn’t have issues.

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