Napa Valley Turkey Salad

This was the best turkey salad I have ever had! I would never have dreamed of putting this dressing on my turkey salad and it was amazing. Add some chopped pecans, green onions and it is the perfect salad. I didn’t have pecans or green onions so I left them out and it was still delicious!

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


    • I only brought home a small dish of Mac and cheese, however, we made a turkey on Friday. It was a fresh turkey that was given to us and I have never eaten a fresh turkey. !9#’s of turkey so I was able to make leftovers with it. We had turkey and noodles with gravy tonight. Turkey and rice soup yesterday. I still have a bunch of dark meat left.

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      • That’s funny – I was thinking you’d be feeling badly you had no turkey leftovers … you could use your tasty recipes and standbys. I’m a white meat person too.


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