65 Years Of Marriage

I want to dedicate today’s post to my parents as yesterday they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. I am proud of them for sticking it out through the good times and the bad.

My parents weren’t rich while I was growing up, however, they took my brother and me camping, fishing, we were both involved in scouting and we were the house that all the kids in the neighborhood hung out at.

We went to the drive in theater, picked wild mushrooms and walked fields looking for Indian relics. Mom made homemade meals every day. It may not seem like much to some people, but to me it was a wonderful way to grow up. We had both our parents that loved us so it couldn’t be any better than that. I am who I am because of them.


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  1. We could not have been honored any better than this. We had great kids and a great Christian family life. The respect that our children gave us awesome. Thank you to my wonderful daughter whom turned out to be a fantasticl mother, grandmother and a wonderful daughter. Love you to the moon and back.


  2. What a lovely tribute to your parents and their long and fruitful marriage! I agree, we too were not wealthy. I’m grateful for all my parents did to give me a solid foundation in my youth, one I stand on now, knowing I always have something solid under my feet. Cheers to your parents Diane, xxoo, C


  3. A beautiful tribute to your parents, Diane – two beautiful people! Your tribute brought back memories of my own parents (who passed away 13 years ago after 56 years of marriage), and brought a smile to my face! 🙂 Congratulations to your parents on 65 years of marriage! ❤


    • That was one of my favorite things to do. I remember every piece of flint I would find I would run up to my dad and ask if it was something. When I would find an arrowhead he always made a big deal about it and I felt so happy. Thank you Bernadette!


  4. Diane,

    I have been approached about putting ads on my posts by the media company that handles Blogger. Would you mind sharing your experience with advertisement with me?

    Thanks, Bernadette



    • Because I don’t know a lot about computers/advertising, I went with Word Ads. Everything is done for me but I have no control over the ads. I also don’t pay to have the ads added to my blog. Some ads aren’t appropriate for a food blog, like stomach issues. I have the business WP account because I ran out of storage. The amount I make for ads doesn’t even cover the cost for my website, but it helps. I would love to make more but I figure my blog is a hobby, not a job, so I really don’t mind. I hope this helps.

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  5. Happy anniversary to your parents! What an incredible milestone. And your childhood sounded wonderful. Those are the ingredients to happy lasting memories. 💕


  6. Happy anniversary to your parents! What a milestone.
    Like you, I grew up with two loving parents, home cooked meals, the whole nine yards. So many wonderful memories gifted to me by two wonderful people who did their best to provide a good home for their children. You and I were luckier than most, Diane.


  7. What a nice tribute to your parents, Diane. That picture must have been taken a long time ago because they don’t look old enough to have been married for 65 years. It sounds like they gave you a simple but happy childhood — much like mine.


  8. Congratulations to your parents for such a momentous milestone! It sounds like they have been great parents. Time spent with your kids, like camping and homecooked meals, has a lasting impression on the whole family.


  9. What a beautiful tribute to your parents. And they look awesome!
    Happy Anniversary to them!
    And Diane… I know you know this… but you are so lucky to have both your parents here to celebrate their lives together! ❤️


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