Slow Cooker Chicken Gizzards & Hearts


This is the best tasting Chicken Gizzards & Hearts I have ever had! I have never made them in the slow cooker before and it is the only way I will ever make them again. The process was very easy but it takes most of the day. I put mine in the slow cooker around 8:30 am and I ate them at 6:30 pm. They couldn’t have been more tender and flavorful! Chicken Gizzards and Hearts are so cheap to buy and very low in calories. The broth that was left over was such a beautiful color and delicious so I will be using it for something else!

To view the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE:


  1. Brave old world in the new world. I grew up eating these. Hearts were good, gizzard textures always nauseated me. My mom left nothing for the dogs. She should have. Haha. Can’t wait for your foot recipe.

      • Anything is good with enough seasoning. My sister in law found a great deal on some bofe when we were living in Panama. I said “you know your eating lung, right”? She gagged. No wonder it was so light and airy… the butcher had stripped all the arteries and veins out for her. If you ever get fresh bofe and have to do the dirty work yourself, I’d love to see your recipe. Hahaha.

  2. We prepare offal too rarely. I admit that I prepare stomachs like tripe, but I haven’t bought hearts for many years. Thank you for the recipes,

  3. looks so good – and mmmmmmmm
    when I see that plate – I see vitamins and minerals and brain food.

    and you wrote:

    Chicken Gizzards and Hearts are so cheap to buy and very low in calories
    well also need to add “packed in dense nutrients”

    I need to get some of the Gizzards and Hearts soon. and some livers

  4. My partner was the first person I ever met who ate gizzards and hearts, and he loves them – and now you’ve given me a recipe for one of his favorite treats! Can’t wait to try this. Thanks – no one else seems to think of these tasty little bits and pieces 🙂

  5. Love your slow cooker recipes. The slow cooker is my best friend… easy to dump ingredients in and press the “on” button. When I come home from work the kitchen smell so good. Not much to clean up and so nice to come home to delicious smelling food!

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