Happy New Year – 2020


I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I can only hope 2020 will be as wonderful as 2019. For my post today I thought I would share with you some of the kitchen items that I received for Christmas. I am sure they will be a part of my 2020 blogging!



This was definitely the most thoughtful

gift I received. My wonderful cousin,

Cari, gave me this apron. She took

the image from my website.



Yes, I asked for another gadget and I can’t wait to

give this one a try. I love soft boiled eggs and this

claims hardboiled eggs peel easily too, we shall see!







I received a few cookbooks

which you know I loved!



I needed a new jelly roll pan.




I used to sell decorated cakes and my supplies

needed refreshing so I asked for food coloring

for the icing, disposable icing bags

and a reusable icing bag.



I saw this cake posted somewhere

and just knew I had to have the pans!



I grow my own herbs and I thought

I would try these herb scissors.



The cookie cutters were

from my grandchildren.




These molds are Russian Pelmeni

(ravioli and dumpling forms).


Now you can see why I am excited about my Christmas gifts. My family knows what my favorite gifts are, anything for the kitchen!

Happy New Year!



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  1. Love the old-fashioned covers of the Swell cookbooks. Are they actually vintage or vintage covers only? Which one did Santa bring? Happy New Year to you too! One final push to get receipts entered, then maybe have some spare moments to think of a new story for the kids and post to my website.😊

    • They just looked vintage. They weren’t very good and I probably won’t get anything from them. They were very strange books, hardly any recipes. I asked Santa for the pasta cookbook and love that one! Great can’t wait for another story! Glad you are about finished with the receipts. That is so stressful!

      • Thank you Diane. Writing stories and making copper ornaments is far more enjoyable than filling in spreadsheets. I can’t imagine doing it for a living. Ewww Yuk! 😝 Sorry about the cookbooks. I wonder if you could remove the covers, without letting the local librarian find out, and mat and frame them. Great frames are to be had at your local good will and Sally Ann, if you have them. ( Salvation Army).

  2. The hard boiled egg gadget us amazing. You will enjoy it. For those that meal prep or short on time, that gadget does the trick. I’ve been using one similar for almost 3 years now.

    Respectfully, Latonya

  3. Wow! New baking and cooking equipments 😍😍 I do not consider myself a great cook but cooking wares are exciting gifts to unwrap. Happy New Year! 🥳🥳💥💥💥

      • My egg cooker did overtime during the holidays, Diane, because my kids are huge deviled eggs lovers, and while smoked salmon is still our go-to, buffalo, tuna, and chicken liver all went over well. (Okay, it was just me who liked the chicken liver deviled eggs, but no one gets to overrule Mom!) 😄

        Enjoy your week!

      • OMG!!!!! I will never boil eggs again! Why haven’t I known about the egg cooker before now!!!!! Best hard boiled eggs I have ever had! We have eaten 10 eggs since last night! My granddaughter can’t stop eating them too.

      • LOL! How did we live this long without egg cookers, right? 😜 I don’t even scramble eggs anymore. Instead, it’s sliced boiled eggs on avocado toast. Any excuse to use the egg cooker is a good one! 😄 Enjoy!

  4. Fabulous gifts, especially the cookbooks. I think you’ll love the herb scissors – I have a pair and I don’t know how I managed without them.

    The apron is utterly fabulous.

  5. Some great gifts ! I love your apron and I’m especially intrigued with those cookbooks, they look very interesting. Happy New Year and all the Best to you and yours !

  6. Thank you for your good wishes. Let culinary books be an inspiration to develop new recipes! I wish you luck!

  7. Ha ha! Were the cookie cutters also a small hint that WE WOULD LIKE SOME COOKIES, PLEASE, GRAN?

    What a lovely assortment of cooking-related gifts! A jelly roll pan is one of those things I never get around to buying but then when I come across the one or two stray recipes that call for one, I’m like “Dang…I wish I’d bought the darn jelly roll pan when I considered buying one 6 months ago…”

  8. All the gifts look fantastic! I have an egg cooker and I love it. I only use it for hard boiled eggs. Love the personalized apron!! Happy New Years! 🎉 🎉 🎉

  9. Wow – you have a great collection of thoughtful gifts and the apron with your likeness with 10,000 followers (I remember that post) is really fun. The grandchildrens’ thoughts were pure (of course) to give you cookie cutters to add to your collection and of course they do not want cookies baked using them. 🙂

  10. Diane I have one of those egg cookers for five years and I love it! Mine is an EggGenie brand ? it was advertised on one of those As Seen on TV ads, but I bought it in a Canadian Tire store. I always over or under cooked my soft-boiled eggs but now they’re perfect every time. I still do my hard-boiled eggs on the stove though.

    • I wanted this for hard and soft boiled eggs. I haven’t tried it yet because there is nothing that says you can cook just 2 or 3 eggs. I will just have to try it until I get the right time. I LOVE soft boiled eggs and I am hoping for easy to peel hard boiled eggs. I hope mine lasts as long as yours!!!!

      • Mine has a line on it which tells you how much water to add for 1 egg, 2 eggs up to 6 I think. I usually only do 2 or 1 if they are jumbos. I think it’s acutually just steams them, but maybe yours is different?

      • I read your review but have only made soft boiled eggs in mine, but I’ll try it for hard boiled. Mine looks different than yours, as it will only do 6 or 7 eggs on one level.

      • Soft boiled eggs are the next thing to try in mine. We have eaten 36 eggs already!!! My granddaughter couldn’t stop eating them and the same with me! My husband eats salads every day and he started putting them in his salad. Eggs steamed are amazing!

  11. I got a new jelly roll pan too. Hubby dropped my bar pan stone that I used for roll cakes. It was 30 years old. Nicely seasoned. I didn’t get upset. I got a Wiltons. Pampered Chef stones are not the same as they used to be.

    • OH NO!!! My husband broke my 4 quart vintage casserole a few days ago too! Now I’m trying to decide if I can make do or buy a new one. New ones like I want are $75 and up! He can’t say a word…hahahaha I didn’t get mad either. I just said accidents happen (and in my head oh good now I can buy a new one hahahaha). I agree, Pampered Chef has changed. I bought a knife there years ago because it was so sharp. Evidently people were getting cut so bad they changed them too…ugh.

  12. Somehow, I think I missed this post. I wish you and your family every blessing for 2020, Diane, and thank you for all the great posts. FYI I was given those herb scissors–not sure that they’re an improvement over julienning with a knife, which is easier to clean. But they are clever!

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