Video of Nine Hummingbirds Eating

Hummingbird Video

I think I need more feeders. These little hummingbirds are going through three cups of sugar water a day.

I could watch them all day but I’m too busy refilling the feeder!

I apologize for the reflections in the video as I took this through my window. Also, this is my first time posting from YouTube so I hope it works.


    • I’m glad you liked it Anita. I tried posting it a few days ago through WP and it didn’t work. At 64 and not very computer savvy I was thrilled to at least get it on my site though YouTube! 🤣

  1. Wow that’s beautiful. One year a very small hummingbird landed on a tree branch right next to a lawn chair I was sitting in. It sat there and cleaned itself and locked its eyes on me for a few minutes and flew off. Just yesterday morning one was hovering next to my kitchen window as I have some potted herbs in the windowsill – if you want you check out the post I made on kitchen windowsill herbs – Thanks for sharing the video 🤓👍🏼🍻

  2. Oh, that’s beautiful Diane! They really enjoy the sugar water – pudding all day long! And well done for posting your first video (you’re a step ahead of me … I always have to ask Berto to help me with a video on WP 😄).

    • I tried to post from my video to WP but it said it was too big. I didn’t realize it until I hit post and my daughter said no video so I deleted it. I’m so glad it turned out this time. Thank you Corna!

  3. You did it right.Loved the scene and the birds. Only thing is its garden not a back yard. In Britain in mid Victorian era terraced housing had a linear yard behind each house back to back .It was designed to give then room for coal stored . It was called the back yard as it was just that . Today the space behind your home is far more than a linear yard so it is called a garden .American speak almost same language as us but have own version of many things.Yard is what the lower class had suffer. Today in some cities these back to back housing designed to bring hot water and gas cooking into new design was made by Prince Albert Edward .Husband of Queen Victoria. it was a great plan in its day to help the very poor. So im sure one sees my point .You have a garden to roam about in and love. They poor devils had only a linear yard of space to store coal.A path ran between houses down centre of each block .Here the coal man dropped two bags of coal per week .Cost was 11 pence a bag I 10th part of ton. Today we are lucky to have big gardens . Far more than linear yard

    • How fascinating Kevin! We call our vegetables a garden or the flower beds but I never heard of the grass area as a garden. I loved your story as I have never heard that history before. Thank you for sharing it!

  4. So beautiful, Diane. It’s amazing you attract so many in your backyard.

    And your backyard is so nice! Love the built structure from a few summers ago and all the space to run around in!

    What’s the white metal thing at the back?

    • Thank you Ab. That is our propane gas tank used to heat the house and water heater. I hate looking at it but we can’t have it any closer to the house in case it ever caught fire or exploded. What you see is only half of our yard. We have 2 1/2 acres that my husband mows.

      • Ahh, I see the gas tank now. Makes sense for it to be away from your home. Maybe you can plant some bushes around it. 😆

      • I’ve thought about that but they have to drag a heavy hose back to it and we can’t block the left half so they can refill it. One of the drawbacks of country living. It’s their tank so I can’t really do anything to it.

  5. Diane – I would not get anything done watching these sweet hummingbirds around the feeder. I was happy to have one female hummingbird named Hope who visited when she felt like it.

    • The good thing about the feeder is I can see it from my chair window and from the kitchen window at the sink. I love to stand next to the seed feeder and watch them up close. They sound like a large bee!

      • I think it is incredible Diane. A fellow blogger from Tofino, British Columbia has two feeders side-by-side and he gets a lot of hummingbirds – I think they are Anna’s Hummingbirds. They come at dusk to “refuel” and like your feeder, they swarm and he took a video of them with a GoPro – they had nowhere to perch and got tired, so they sat on his finger. I will send you the link to see it in a separate comment – you don’t have to leave it on your site but you’ll get a kick out of them and listening to the sound, they do sound like a bee.

      • I didn’t put my feeders out this year because I was having the tree guys come for that job and my neighbor was having a new roof and siding and was a two-day job right where I put the feeders (they are just flat dish feeders), so didn’t know where I could put the feeders while those jobs were being done, so I probably have zero hummingbird next year as she is disgusted with me!

      • I can’t see out of any of my windows as the metal blinds are stuck in a down position. I should put it up now as they are heading south soon. Next year whatever I do landscape wise means they will have to go past the feeders again. Unless I move them to the front yard … I have them at the side.

      • You’re welcome Diane – I should have thought to use Wayne’s video as an example as it is on YouTube, but that guy was a great teacher … some tech help videos are way over my head. Glad you liked it. 🙂

  6. This time it came through great, and I am so glad you kept trying. They are active little guys. We started with one and now have 4-5 competing, but they don’t go through nearly as much in a day as yours. We have to bring the feeder in every night so we don’t attract bears too.

    • Thank you Linda! I don’t know how I did it but I’m glad it worked this time. 4-5 hummingbirds is plenty and fun to watch. I don’t know why they have to fight all the time. Lol I know for sure we have 9 because I took pictures and could count them that way. However, that was just at that moment so there’s probably more. Good Lord…..bears! I’m not sure I would have a feeder at all.

  7. Thanks for the video. That’s a lot of hummingbirds and a lot of sugar water they go through daily. I stayed in a house in San Diego and we had just a few hummingbirds that regularly came by. One built a nest but then disappeared so we took the nest and two hatched babies to a rescue facility to save them. Your yard is huge and looks like a post card. Did your family have a lot of touch football games growing up, or croquet?

    • You’re welcome Katelon! I have never seen a nest in over 30 years that I have been feeding them. The yard you see is just under half of our yard, we have 2 1/2 acres. Thank you for your nice comment about our yard! We don’t have a big family so no football games. We have a huge pole barn too and have hosted family reunions, graduation parties etc. in it just in case it rained. Most people go outside where we have a cabana to sit in, a basketball court and we have set up a volleyball net. My granddaughter loves volleyball. My grandson has a soccer net and we kick the ball into that. We also have family picnics in the cabana. I love country living with all the nature.

  8. Wow, Diane! What a thrill to even see them on video! My feeder isn’t attracting very many hummingbirds this year. Thanks for sharing your video!

  9. At our former home, the humming birds LOVED us. I had two feeders, each needed replenishment every day. Our last summer there, I went through 9 lbs of sugar. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    • Wow what fun that must have been. They are so much fun to watch. I haven’t tallied up the sugar I use but it’s only 3/4 cup for the feeder each day. When the Orioles were here and I had those two feeders out it was much more.

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