Nerf Gun Target Birthday Cake

This is what happens when your grandson guilts you into making his birthday cake because the lady that usually makes them quit!

He is obsessed with Nerf Guns and he wanted a Nerf Gun target cake. He saw one similar to this on line and asked me to make it.

His sister made the birthday banner then I used some new bullets to attach it to the cake.

Need I tell you how long it took to separate the yellow, orange and blue M & M’s from the huge container of multiple colors?

I do not like guns and he knows it, but he informed me this was not a gun cake but a target cake, such a sly child!

This is a chocolate cake, Hershey Homemade One Bowl Frosting, Kit Kats and of course M & M’s.

Happy 9th Nerfday Braylon!


  1. What an amazing cake, Diane! You are an awesome grandma and I bet he enjoyed it very much. Happy birthday to your grandson!

  2. Your grandson clearly knows how to wrap you around his little finger! I love the cake … where do you start eating this – the M&M’s or the delicious chocolate wall? Happy birthday little one 🎉.

    • Oh he sucked me right in! He said Grandma, I know you used to make cakes and sell them so you have to make mine because our cake lady isn’t doing it anymore. This wasn’t a cake it was a candy cake! I started by eating the Kit Kats on the side and went on from there. I told him to take the left over cake home! I think I gained 10 pounds eating just one piece! 🤣 There were 12 Kit Kat candy bars and a whole lot of M & M’s. Thank you Corna!

  3. This is such a fun nerfday cake. It sounds like a family project with your grandson finding what he wanted online and your granddaughter making the sign and of course your hard work of sorting and eating.🤣 So cute!

    • Thank you Linda. What really made him happy is the electricity went out at their house and they had to come here for supper and to sleep the day before his birthday. When he walked in my house the cake was in the oven. He did a chocolate happy dance! 🤣

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