Did You Know – Miracle Whip vs. Mayonnaise

Miracle Whip was developed in 1933 as a cheaper alternative to mayonnaise. It has the same basic ingredients—eggs, oil and vinegar—but it also contains water, sugar and spices. Since that dilutes the condiments amount of oil to less than 65%, the FDA classifies it as a “dressing.”

Miracle Whip is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, a highly refined added sugar that is not exactly healthy.

Miracle Whip contains a preservative so it has a longer shelf life than mayonnaise.

Miracle Whip contains less fat and about half the calories of mayo, so it’s a good option if you are counting calories. 

Mayonnaise is a tangy, creamy condiment made with oil, egg, and vinegar or lemon juice. Because its main ingredients are high in fat, mayonnaise is very rich in calories too, about twice that of Miracle Whip.

Mayonnaise is less highly refined and may be the healthier choice if you make it or buy it with a healthy oil.

Mayonnaise can be bought without preservatives.

In order for anything labeled mayonnaise, the FDA states it must contain 65% vegetable oil by weight.


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  1. This post made me chuckle. I can only buy Miracle Whip cuz the hubby will have a fit if I buy Hellman’s which he doesn’t consider mayo. I’ll have to share these facts with him!

  2. I have often wondered about this so thanks for sharing. My mother used Miracle Whip but sometime in the 70s or 80s switched to mayo. I don’t know why. I have always used mayo.

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