Happy Father’s Day – 2023

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there! You don’t have to be blood related to be a Dad!

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  1. Thank you! And please tell your wonderful, loving, husband that I wish him all the best on this Father’s Day. He is obviously a remarkable person and deserves only the best. (We husbands have to stick together.)

  2. Thank you for this – and for broadening the term “father.” As an adoptee, I had both a genetic father (about whom I continue to learn) I never knew and the father who raised me starting at five days old. I also had numerous “father figures,” including the fathers of close friends, a family friend who was like a second father to me, and a long-term mentor and friend from Yale. So many men play a vital role in raising children, and we acknowledge them on this day as well.

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