It’s Friday What’s For Dinner 05-26-23

Anyone that makes a homemade dinner is welcome to type the name of one recipe that you prepared in the comments, then we can all scroll through the comments for recipe ideas. This will be a weekly Friday post and only recipes on the Friday posts will be allowed. 

If someone wants your recipe and asks, there will be no pressure to share it, it’s up to you. I will accept links, but only to the recipe and NO VIDEO. It may take me a day to approve it so I can make sure the link is legitimate and not spam. 


I find the hardest part of making dinner isn’t the process, but figuring out what to make. So go ahead and post ONE RECIPE ONLY EACH FRIDAY in the comments or feel free to just read what others have made. Either way, I hope we all get some great ideas to make our meal planning easier.

My It’s Friday What’s For Dinner in the picture above is GRILLED VEGETABLE & BACON PACKET.


  1. The Grilled Vegetable and Bacon packet reminds me of something my father used to make while camping. Tonight I’m making your Pork Chops with Gravy, can’t wait!!

  2. We seem to have a little problem here. I think we have run out of food in the house. So tonight, we will be eating out. I never thought we could actually run out of food in the house and we would have to leave the house for sustenance. My wife though doesn’t look too upset.

    • Well I would be right there with your wife! I always have so much food in the freezer that’s never a problem. Monday I am eating out though, it’s my birthday!

      • Two big bacon eaters in the family?! Sounds like a nice omelet will be in the making as it’s too early for homegrown tomatoes for BLTs yet. Is Terry helping you plant and harvest the garden?

      • Unfortunately he has been doing everything outside and mostly inside. I am keeping the hummingbird and Oriole feeders going. I grin and bear the pain to pick my asparagus which is just about done but then the blueberries will need picking. I am ready for BLT’s!

      • You’ll have to post some pics of your birds again Diane – especially the Orioles. I’m sorry you have all this pain and I know the blueberries are a lot of work. Summer tomatoes for BLTs or just on toast are the best – the others have no taste.

      • The Orioles had their babies and left. Grosbeak only are here in May and Gold Finches never showed up. We are getting so many blackbirds that they drown in the pond! We mostly have house finches, sparrows, blue jays, cardinals and very few hummingbirds. Our friend that lives with the lake in front of her house and the bay in the back posted a video (two years in a row now) of a white pelican flock of about 25! You can’t tell me global warming doesn’t exist! Today a baby woodchuck climbed up on my cabana, walked to my large table and tried to climb up the leg. Terry runs out there to get it off the cabana and it ran under the cabana on the concrete pad where Terry couldn’t get it. He’s clapping his hands and yelling and it sat under there looking at him. I was inside laughing so hard!

      • Wow – those white pelicans are beautiful! A fellow blogger used to live in Iowa and had them nearby and had pictures of them all the time. Now she lives up North from May thru September and she and her husband travel down South in their RV the rest of the year. That is funny about the woodchuck. Stubborn! A big mulberry bush is next to the Weeping Mulberry tree where I put the seeds and peanuts under … so at the Park this morning, all the squirrels and birds were up in the tree eating the berries and throwing them down. I wished I had my camera – they said it would rain by 9:00 a.m. so I didn’t want to take it, so I got there, walked and headed home. I found a dead baby bird in the yard today – it was a baby Robin, but it was not near a tree and I saw no nest … it was not fully feathered on its stomach as it was translucent, yet it had wings. It was laying on its back. I didn’t like seeing that at all. I have to figure it fell out of a nest and hopped onto my patio.

      • OMG Linda, I didn’t even know the robins were still hatching babies! I hate seeing the dead babies too. Even more so, I hate when I see feathers all under our bird feeder. We have wild cats and they must be attaching the birds on occasion. Terry hates those mulberry bushes. He cuts the grass and the wheels on the John Deere will slip, there are so many. The branches get so heavy they lean way low and he has to move the branches to cut under them. Then the berries drop down his clothes. Lol

      • Well my feeding the Cardinals and Chickadees ended today. The cute little feeder I bought was perfect to hook onto a Mock Orange that has some deadwood and was seemingly safe for the birds to eat and be protected … went out this morning and a squirrel was embedded in the bush, likely waiting for me to deliver “breakfast” … it is not enough I provide the “house squirrels” peanuts in the shell? I forgot about the squirrels being a pain from my birdfeeding days … I stopped feeding them the safflower seeds as they were falling into the lava rock and on the sidewalk – I don’t want mice. I’ll find another way to feed them before Winter and after the trees and bushes have been removed. Sigh.

        I was surprised about the dead baby Robin too because the Robins have babies in May don’t they? They do have multiple clutches a year though. I hated seeing it and today at the Park that orange feral cat was dead. I didn’t see it – another walker told me about it. I didn’t want to go too far today as we had severe weather this afternoon. I think Terry has a stressful life dealing with outside … 🙂 Is he in charge of the pond too? And the Wisteria – those were things that took a lot of your time and energy/effort as well. He’ll be ready to return to work.

        We are having a severe storm here … we just had one 10 days ago. Someone has made Mother Nature mad. I think it has rolled thru, for now … we have more storms later.

      • Darn squirrel ruined it for the birds and you, so sorry that happened! I get mad with the darn starlings but then I try to tell my self they have to eat too. Yes the robins were done nesting in May here, I didn’t know the had more eggs. You always teach me something new Linda!

        I am taking care of the ponds and my flower beds. I finally got my lights up and running at the ponds a few days ago. The ponds are very easy now that the fish are gone. I can work on my flower beds for about 30 minutes max then I’m done for the day and most of the next day from pain.

        Terry has been taking care of the wisteria though. I did get it ready for spring so he has to keep the new vine growth trimmed. The yard looks very good except when he sprays my plants. I am losing a lot because he has never sprayed before.

        We all but missed the storm thank God! We got a little rain and a short time of wind and that was it. I hope everything turned out ok there Linda!

      • I decided to try one more time this morning with the little feeder dish and the squirrels climbed up and kept the birds away. I am annoyed and disappointed, so now won’t feed any of them unless I can come up with a plan after the trees and bushes are cut down.

        I thought it might be difficult pruning the wisteria – that’s a hard job as they are old and thick vines. I know Marge’s wisteria attacked my lilac tree and I would unwind it and it would be back again a few days later. It was difficult to pry it free! At least the heron isn’t visiting if the fish are gone … take it easy with that yard work – soon the produce picking and canning time etc. will be here. I’m glad Terry is there to help you – he is still learning the ropes. I used to be out there with my climbing rose daily keeping blackspot away and finally gave up and it was garbage day and I yanked the three climbing roses out as well as the umbrella trellis and put them in the garbage. I thought they’d probably kill the other roses.

        We were lucky here in my City – in Dearborn, the photos were horrible of downed trees in one neighborhood. In Detroit, the Rocket Mortgage Classic Gold Tournament starts in a few days and they had some downed trees and flooding, bu it should be back to normal. I’m glad you missed the storm – Indiana got the brunt of it. Summer is great if the storms stay at bay!

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