Holland Michigan Trip – Continued

Here are some more pictures of our trip to Holland Michigan. This is the “Big Red Lighthouse” a different color from any lighthouse I have ever seen.

We ate here because it was close to our hotel and we found the food to be out of this world delicious! When we walked up to the front of the building we heard a horse walking up and neighing. I turned to look and saw it was a loud speaker, fooled me!

Inside there were dollar bills all over the restaurant. They have frequent fund raisers and donate a percentage of the sales to the person in need. This fundraiser was for a woman with kids that had a illness. The patrons donated and hung the dollar bills for her.

They were packed when we got there and we had a about a 20 minute wait.

That is all dollar bills on the wall under the horse sign.

I had the prime rib and it was the best I have ever tasted!

There was something for everyone.

I sure wish it had been the weekend so I could have tried one of these!

We were there on Tuesday night.

We were so excited to see how wooden shoes were made, the sign could definitely use some TLC.

We walked inside and it was very touristy.

Prices were ridiculous for what they were selling.

There was a sign that showed where the wooden shoe factory was but nobody was in there.

It definitely wasn’t a factory, it was more of a demonstration room with a window to look through.

They didn’t even have someone to tell us about the place, very disappointing! The only thing good about this place was it didn’t cost to go inside.

I have one more stop on our trip to Holland Michigan that I will post soon. I didn’t want to overload you with pictures today.


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  1. Now that would suit me fine. Steaks of real beef . Do you know that Sirlion is a Knight of English realm. King John loved this cut so much .One dinner he had in Oxford feast he decided to draw sword and Knight the beef joint .He was most likely drunk but history fails to tell me so. In any event I wish to have been there with you as it sounds just up my street

  2. I love seeing lighthouses – and this one is definitely unique in both shape and colour! And what a great idea to use the dollar bills for charity – it’s good to read that people still care about each other.

    • It was so cold and windy the day we were there. Luckily it was a big lighthouse and easy to see. My mother in law stayed in the car, I walked halfway out to get my pictures and my husband went out the the end. Sand was everywhere and all over my Jeep but well worth the visit!

  3. Looks like another beautiful set of stops in Holland Michigan! The red lighthouse is very cool and so were the wooden shoes. The food at the restaurant looks so good! Steak is one of my favourite foods and the menu is amazing. The surf and turf sure looked good!

  4. The restaurant looks delicious. When we are in Holland this summer, we will take a pass on the wooden shoe factory. I do have to say, my mom had some wooden shoes from Holland, but I don’t know what happened to them. I kind of wish I would have saved them.

    • Don’t expect much unless you want to buy some shoes. I would have to say that was the only place we were disappointed in, just a tourist place where everything else we saw we enjoyed.

  5. What an interesting town. That light house looks so big, as if a big family could live there. Glad you had such a great time and could stay over to check things out.

  6. I love Holland!! It’s one of my favorite places to visit. I haven’t eaten at Crazy Horse but will definitely go there next time! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great pictures and great menu! I am sharing this with B in case we should ever get to Holland, Michigan. He was very interested in the woodworking shop in previous Holland blog.

    • Yes and the patrons too, there was money hanging everywhere. By the time we finished eating it was late and they took all the money off the wall but left a large bowl so we left money in there. The lady’s story was so sad.

  8. Great photos of what looks to be a wonderful place to visit. If I had heard that horse I would have been quickly moving out of the way LOL it is pretty cool though that they have that. Thank you for sharing your time in photos. Very interesting about the dollar bills and the restaurant allowing people to help people in need. Hanging the dollar bills on the wall, what a clever idea.

  9. The red lighthouse is a keeper! I have a wooden shoe I use as a pen and pencil holder on my desk, it’s always a conversation starter – love the wooden shoe factory too!

  10. what fun Diana and love the lighthouse. One of my clients calls me lighthouse with my poetry which is so cute. Seeing the wooden shoes and how they are made is so cool. I have a small one that I love.💞

  11. Thanks for sharing more of your adventures! I so miss tulip festivals and fields of tulips. I haven’t even successfully grown tulips in my part of Colorado! I like the clogs. I used to have a little miniature clogs magnet I got at a festival that unfortunately fell from the fridge one day.

    • That was the only place that we were disappointed with. They had very little wooden shoes for sale, it was all tourist junk. Yes the restaurant was amazing! Thank you Susan!

      • I never walk in the alleyways, but it was a beautiful day and I decided to walk to the allergist. The entire block was torn up coming home so I cut thru a short alley as I could see the main drag. (Crime … I take no chances.) Anyway, this house next to the alley had something like that speaker set up. I didn’t see the camera, but it saw me and said “hi, so how are you today and before you answer, just so you know, you are on candid camera!” I nearly flew out of my skin when it said “hi …” as it was a tall fence and no one was around. 🙂

      • Me too but our next big trip won’t be until next year. I have been hiring people to do some much needed updating in our dining room. We had it painted, had the carpet removed and new LVP floor installed, new lighting and I just ordered a sidebar and paintings. I am hoping to get some accent pieces Tuesday. I order almost everything as it can be difficult shopping in stores. Anyhow, I am still in sticker shock at the price of everything but it turned out great. We might take a day trip but that’s it until I save some more money. Lol

      • Everything is so expensive anymore – it is crazy. Especially if you’ve not done decorating in a while – that is me. I have do have some electrical work done in the house and am putting it off … this year I have to have the two trees that DTE hacked up as a result of the fire and the bushes pulled out of the garden from the fire … I’m going to call on that tomorrow. The neighbor two doors down whose dead tree dropped the branch that caused the fire called in a tree cutter. It’s a huge tree. My neighbor (Marge’s son) was talking to him – it is $15,000.00 to take down that tree. My trees are not trees I bought, but seeds that grew into trees and were behind a shed that blew over from high winds … the yard is not looking good right now.

      • I did see he had a side gig of selling wood. He will haul it away, so I’m happy for that. I asked my neighbor (Jeff, Marge’s son) if he wanted all the wood that DTE (our energy provider) left sitting in my yard after they hacked up the trees the morning after the fire from the downed wire. He has a fire pit and buys bundles of wood to burn. He said it is “junk wood” and won’t burn well. I figured he just didn’t want to come and get it. That’s fine – I’ll pay for this and be done with it. My handyman’s son-in-law wanted to pull out the bushes … he trimmed my high bushes last year as I don’t like standing on a ladder to do them and hold the hedge trimmers (I am going to buy some long-handled hedge trimmers I think) … he had charged me $250.00 in 2021 to do that job and last year I SHOULD have asked, but assumed it would be around the same price – when he said $500.00 I said “double last year!” My fault for not asking – he had just had twins a few days earlier … not my problem Buddy. So, the tree cutter is here anyway, he can do it. Told my handyman’s SIL I already committed.

      • It’s getting tough out there Linda. Prices and scalpers are out of control! Our senior center has a monthly newsletter with people that do handyman type work and other services. Maybe you should check with your senior center for suggestions of a good handyman?

      • That’s a good idea Diane. I really liked my handyman, but he can no longer work as he is declared legally blind. He is just in his late 50s. I will look into that for sure.

  12. What a fun trip you had, Diane! I would’ve been disappointed in the wooden shoe factory, too, but the ones you showed on display were very pretty – not that I would ever wear them. They honestly look terribly uncomfortable. The Crazy Horse Steakhouse looks amazing!

    • For all the places we went too, I can’t complain too much about the shoe factory but it was disappointing. That steakhouse was amazing, I wish there was one in my town!

  13. Those steaks on the menu were all huge! Glad you had a great dinner, Diane. How disappointing that there was no factory. It was probably working years ago, now they bring the shoes in.

  14. It’s uplifting to see that dollar fundraising in the restaurant, and how many dollar bills are actually on the walls. You hear so many stories about funds being stolen, and it’s wonderful to see that sort of thing doesn’t happen all the time.

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