Stovetop Swiss Steak

Fork tender steak that is seasoned perfectly, smothered in its own gravy and absolutely delicious! Swiss Steak with bits of carrot, celery and onion that cooks completely on top of the stove. 

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. So, this dish is from your mom, Diane? It’s great that you keep the recipe alive. It look so delicious! I’ll have to check out what the flights to the USA look like so that next time you make this, I’ll arrive in time for dinner 😁.

  2. So your mom made this too? Good Lord, one goddess has begotten another. Do you have a daughter you can pass your expertise down to? If not, I have two. I’ll send them over! 🤭🤭😂

  3. I have not made this in years. Thanks for reminding me to make it. And how lovely that we think of your Mom with this recipe!

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