Did You Know – Potatoes

Did you know the best way to pick which potatoes

to use is according to their starch? For example,

mashed potatoes are best made with Yukon Gold.

Russet potatoes are best for

hash browns and French fries.

Fingerling potatoes are great for roasting.

Russet Burbank is best for potato chips.

Warmth and moisture is what causes

the spuds to start to sprout.

Sweet potatoes aren’t actually a potato, they belong to

the morning glory family and are actually swollen roots.

Potatoes turn green when exposed to sunlight

causing photosynthesis to occur in the potato. To

avoid a green skin, keep the potatoes in a dry, dark place.

Potatoes will last about 6 months if you store them

unwashed and in a dry dark spot like a root cellar.


Source: http://www.foodrepublic.com

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    • I buy russet potatoes and use them for most everything. I also didn’t know that about the sweet potato.Now I want to experiment with the different types of potatoes.

    • You are so fortunate to have a market like that, all we have is grocery stores and we buy what they have, which usually spoils or is spoiled quickly. Even the huge market, an hour away, sells produce that has to be eaten in a day or it spoils.

  1. I like potatoes a lot but your post reminds me of someone telling me “it’s the company they keep!” (Butter, salt, sour cream, cheese ……)

  2. Interesting tidbits Diane! 😊 I’m making fries tonight on the air fryer and good to hear I picked this right potatoes to make them. 😆

    When the potatoes start to turn green or sprout, are they still safe to eat or should they be pitched at that time?

  3. Diane, you brought up some rough memories of my time spent at the School Canteen during my Food Engineering Practice. I got to learn the fundamentals from the best cooks, including how to peel them appropriately – not too much skin, but enough to eliminate any flaws for a lovely meal. I got the hang of it after 50 buckets of potatoes. 😂

    Great insight as always, thanks for posting!

  4. I do love potatoes no matter how they are cooked ! Wow I did not know that about sweet potatoes, I love them and just assumed they were a type of potato. thanks for the info Diane!

    • That is a fascinating fact about sweet potatoes. I thought our basement was cool enough to store potatoes. I acquired a large amount and laid them out on a wire rack in our cooler basement so they could get airflow and they still grew sprouts! I guess they really do need a root cellar, not a basement! Lol

  5. I wondered why they turned green. Very interesting Diane. We used to have a root cellar in Canada and I remember the potatoes down there and onions hanging in there.

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