Mysterious Seeds From China


We were watching the news Tuesday and they announced that China may be mailing mysterious seeds to random people in the USA and that the seeds may be invasive. Being an avid gardener I was sure to take notice. Ironically, Wednesday I received one of these random seeds packets in the mail. The bag it came in states it is jewelry, mine said one ring and I did not order this. The authorities ask that if you receive these seeds, DO NOT OPEN OR PLANT THEM. Click the link below to read what USA Today wrote about these mysterious seeds from China and what you should do if you receive them like I did.



These are what my seeds look like, however, they show different seeds in the USA Today article. I have no idea what kind of seeds these are, do you have any idea?

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  1. Wow Diane! How scary. I wonder why you were targeted? Maybe they are trolling people who have ordered from garden websites online or have gardening magazine subscriptions? They seem to be expert at hacking.

  2. What a weird situation (from what I read, the company sending them is trying to get positive reviews online? Does not seem like a good strategy, especially in the middle of a pandemic.)

    I tried to find out what kind of seeds those are and I’m not positive, but they look like they might be seed balls– seeds are mixed with clay to form pellets or balls and then scattered randomly. Guerrilla gardeners use them to plant flowers on waste land in cities (on empty lots, for example). I hope that helps.

  3. The seeds in the picture look like okra seeds. Id go ahead and plant them, just to see. But it is weird to get random seeds in the mail.

    • Oh no the agricultural authorities said absolutely not to plant them. They have detected a purple substance on some of the packs sent to them and said they may be an invasive species. I will admit my curiosity is going but it’s not worth it. Plus why did they mark them a jewelry. Just too fishy.

  4. Hi Diane – I came back to this post to send you a story that was on my news station today. This guy planted the seeds before he heard any news stories not to plant them. This was two months ago. This is what plant he got and the authorities have taken it away to study it as they think it may be some type of invasive plant.

      • You’re welcome Diane – I knew you’d find this interesting and I didn’t realize they were sending the seeds two months ago – I thought it was just in the last few weeks, so that was a surprise to me. I hope they follow up on whether they were squash or an invasive plant.

  5. I would never, ever plant anything I couldn’t identify, least of all coming from China (or any other country, for that matter). You’re the second person I know who received them, but hers looked more like flower seeds.

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