Ninja Foodi Deluxe Pressure Cooker


I am SO excited! I have been helping my parents move into their new home after moving back from Florida. For helping them they gave me this Ninja Foodi Deluxe Pressure Cooker. Keep in mind this isn’t just a pressure cooker, it does so much more. Keep reading to see what all it can do.



They make a 6 quart and an 8 quart. I was lucky enough to get the 8 quart!



I already have an old pressure cooker with the weights but I never use it except to can green beans, the thing scares the death out of me. I have multiple slow cookers but my favorite is the Ninja 3 in 1 and I do use them all. We have an air fryer, instant pot and a huge dehydrator. Will I get rid of any of my existing gadgets, probably not because what happens if this one breaks! Do you think I have a gadget addiction?

Do you own a Ninja Foodi and if you do I would love to try your favorite recipe. If you post it in my comments and I use your recipe I will gladly share your website giving you credit. I have never used this gadget before and can’t wait to get started. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


  1. had I been using it, I would have definitely told you some recipes.
    I hope some of your readers might be well-acquainted with it.
    If not, then you can certainly look on the net or YouTube regarding how to use it properly.
    best wishes.

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  2. I have an OK pressure cooker I don’t use often enough…the way Helen and I eat, nowadays. The small quantity of meat we eat on a daily basis is grilled over charcoal in one cook off after we get home from grocery shopping Sunday mornings. I have a snazzy old grill on the portal of our workshop big enough to roast a whole lamb. We use only the center third which actually for good temperature control.

    After I finish grilling (usually) chicken and some of whatever interesting new sausage we found at Trader Joe’s…the falling fire belongs to Helen and she slow bakes sweet potatoes, various tubers. Carries us through the week…the animal protein parceled out into lunches (our main daily meal) of grains and mostly veggies. I tweak mine with various ethnic sauces – or none, just enjoying our Neanderthal palate.

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  3. Eager to hear more…I am not a gadget person, however, had a Ninja slow cooker 3/1 I loved until I wore out the bottom. It was too large for us on most occassions and how nice a smaller unit might be.

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    • I have the Ninja 3 in 1 too Laurel. By far my favorite gadget so far. This unit is not small. It is pretty large and very heavy. I will need a spot to put it that is convenient because I don’t want to have to move it much. I have a lot to learn before I turn it on…lol


  4. Enjoy your new gift! I thought about getting a pressure cooker but was also afraid of the older types.I wish your parents all the best in their new home! ♥️

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    • It is a pretty big unit and it is very heavy. I still have to figure out where to put mine. It actually would be perfect for you to cook in though. You wouldn’t need the oven since this pretty much does it all even small portions. Thanks!

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      • I don’t use my oven. It’s still brand new. I use it for storage. We tend to grill or air fryer these days. I use my stove top steamer for veggies but when there’s only me, I use my mini pot microwave steamer.

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      • Wow I want to run over and cook in your oven just once. I could never use mine for storage or I would forget something was in there and burn it up. Hahahaha I can’t argue with grilling and the air fryer, both fabulous ways to cook. Besides, it’s not what you use to cook with it’s how it tastes and I bet your food tastes great! Thank you

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      • I’ve been tempted to use it especially the grill at the top of the oven. We also use bottle gas in the town and a neighbour opposites uses her oven and oven grill most days. She has to have a replacement/refill bottle every 2 weeks. We’re been here since Dec 5th 2019 and we haven’t used up the first bottle yet. At around $150AU for a replacement, I think the savings has made it easy not to use the oven. 🙂

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  5. Oh wow nice!!! I get excited over appliances also lol ✌️ … sometimes they should hire us to promote product lol

    I do not have one of those sorry or I would definitely share a recipe..

    You will have to share your experience using it!! I bet be amazing! Love kitchen gadgets!!

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    • Are the recipes for chicken and game hens in the Ninja book or do you have a good one Georgetta? I have to figure out time and temperature etc. I know nothing! I am going to watch some YouTube videos too as I heard that helps.


      • Actually, I winged it! I cooked 3 cornish at one time. First I seasoned them. Then baked them for 10 minutes on each side. I then changed the pan to the airfryer pan and airfried them for increments of 10 minutes for a total of 20 minutes, to make sure they cooked and crispy. They turned out juicy and delicious. My husband lives when I cooked them.

        I used the pressure cooker feature for cooking smoked turkey and pinto beans also. Turned out very cooked.

        The only cookbook I could find was one for an instant pot. From what I learned on youtube they are all pretty much the same.

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      • Amen to that!🥰 My husband isn’t bigger than a minute and can put food away like a hungry bear!🤣🤣 He loves the food cooked from the Ninja Foodi, plus with his dietary restrictions foods taste much better and accommodate his taste buds.😊👣

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  6. Interesting cooker. I had not heard of it. You are indeed the kitchen gadget queen! The difference between you and some gadget collectors is that you actually use and enjoy them. Good for you!


  7. Looking forward to hearing about this. I don’t have one and looking forward to what you make in it.
    For me it is space… I just don’t have enough space to hold so many gadgets. Although I do have them.

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  8. I’ve always been terrified of pressure cookers since I was in college and someone told me a “pressure cooker horror story”. But I would think a zillion years later the technology has improved 🙂

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  9. I remember you liked your other Ninja cooking gadget that you said was multi-functional so you’ll have lots of fun with this one too Diane. How thoughtful of your parents to get this for you. They are happy to be in close proximity to you and the grandkids again.

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  10. Congratulations 🎉 It is a great gift from your parents. It a fabulous piece of gadget. I can relate how one can’t rid of the old ones. Waiting to read the recipes you creaate and share with us, using this.

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  11. The many variations of pressure cookers continue to amaze! I have never encountered one until 9 months ago when I moved here to Spain and it has changed the way I look at cooking, especially caseroles and stocky meals 🥰 hope you enjoyed yours! Happy cooking (also I love the name having Ninja in it)


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