Slow Cooker Salisbury Steak


Is it too hot to cook? Try this Salisbury Steak that cooks in the slow cooker and makes the most amazing gravy. Each steak is a quarter pound. I made mashed potatoes with this and I covered them with that amazing gravy too.

To view the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. This looks yum. When I was growing up, I loved the microwave dinner Salisbury steak. It was always such a treat. The real thing looks infinitely better and healthier!

    • Thank you Ab! I use to fix that too. There were 6 patties covered in brown gravy and I made mashed potatoes with it as it was one of my sons favorite meals. That was before I knew how to cook very well. lol

    • I think so too Linda! I may have told you this before but my mother in law has a slow cooker with 3 Different size crocks. She uses it all the time and lives alone.

      • That would be the way to go Diane. After writing that comment, I was looking into getting one. I thought my mom got a free small cookbook and some crockpot liners that came in the mail from one of her “Taste of Home” magazine subscriptions. So I looked in the drawer, couldn’t find it. Looked on Amazon to find a simple crockpot cookbook, preferably spiral-bound, and found a few, then decide to read up a little on crockpots and subscribed to an e-mail. So invested some time here in the idea – then discovered you should put it on a marble or granite surface, not wood (I have a butcher block and my counter-top is formica). So I am guessing I could use the glass-top stove and plug it behind the stove (hopefully that is a good option). I really intended to get it when I retired – yes I realize I could use it while I am here working at the kitchen table, but wanted to wait and experiment on a weekend, or better yet, when I’m retired. It seems to me it is difficult enough to get things done on the weekend (that don’t involve blogging), that I should wait. The different sizes appeals to me though. My mom used an aluminum pad on the wooden butcher block for the toaster oven – I worried how hot the cord that connected to the short extension cord got and it was a heavyweight extension cord. I have no countertop space and very few plugs in this house – even in the kitchen!

      • I have Formica and have never had to put anything under my crockpots. The counter never even gets hot. Maybe in the past they werenโ€™t made as safe???? I am glad you are going to get one. When you have more time join a Facebook group for slow cookers/crock pots. Recipes galore and lots of advice on those groups and of course I will answer any question I can for you as well.

      • That makes me feel better Diane – when I saw that article, I thought “the last thing I would have thought about was putting it on the counter-top” … you put my mind at ease. I didn’t know they had a Facebook group – that’s good to know and thank you in advance for offering your advice. I really thought the Salisbury Steak may have clinched it!

      • Diane – Thanks to your advice I just ordered the crockpot your mother-in-law has … most of them looked too big, although good if making chili or something that I will be able to portion for later, but I went with this and ordered on Amazon – arrives in a couple of weeks – no worries as I’m not in a hurry to use it. I wanted it here before Winter when I am home more and can play around with it. I also looked at toaster ovens – I have a Black and Decker and it was never a problem (except cord heats up with extension – thought about a Panasonic Flash Xpress, but going to think on it for now – it had good/bad reviews. I still cannot use my oven as the Windows 10 laptop is on it – until our computer guy gets in gear and sets up the rest of our system. I have nowhere to plug it and I can’t cook under the cabinet as it throws off too much heat under the cabinet so have to put it on the butcher block with an aluminum pad. I am ashamed to say I have not put my oven on in almost 10 years … I truly would want an appliance person to come in and test it to ensure it is okay, although was it you that said just test it on a low heat? When I’m retired, I will try to learn more about cooking – the problem is, my mom made all the meals before and said “if you can read a cookbook, you can cook” – not true. After I started my walking regimen, then the blog, I put cooking on the back burner, but I have to expand my horizons a little more. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is what I ordered today – would rather have not ordered online, but Best Buy didn’t have it. Bed Bath and Beyond may go into bankruptcy, so I stuck with Amazon:

      • That is awesome Linda! You are on your way. It is very similar to my mother in laws and she lives alone too. I think your stove will be find to use just make sure no papers or dust got caught anywhere so they don’t catch fire. I wish you could get that laptop updated. That computer guy sure is slow…lol What do you mean Bed, Bath and Beyond may go in bankruptcy? I was just there with my mom and haven’t heard that….NOOOOO I love that place.

      • OK, I was going through all the models and when I saw the three crock sizes I thought it had to be the same or similar. Had I known that he was not going to put us on Windows 10 for all this time (the laptop has been here since June 2019 and the equipment was ordered in March of 2019), I would have bought a table and found a place to put it. I have very few plugs in this house and they all have two cords plugged in each one – some furniture is in front of other plugs. I just got a weather radio about a month ago. I set it up and then was at a loss where to plug it in! It has been sitting on top of the glass-topped stove now 13 months. If I want to use the stovetop, I have to move it – it’s too much of a pain, so I just go without. I use instant coffee, so I just run the water at the sink to get it hot and I have oatmeal every morning and do the same thing – it is the old fashioned Quaker oats and it still cooks thoroughly … I just let it sit for about two minutes. I have not used the oven for ten years so that’s why I ask. OK, that is a good idea to check first as to the stove for baking. I have not used the toaster oven for just as long – I can’t use it now as I have to use a heavy-weight extension cord and it would plug in where the laptop is! I apologize – I misstated about Bed, Bath and Beyond – what I should have said was they are closing many stores (200 per this article) due to revenue lost during the pandemic … this will keep them from ending up like J.C. Penney and filing bankruptcy. Sorry… you can rest easy:

      • I got it confused with something else – there for a while, it seemed a different store went into bankruptcy daily … all places that have been around for years.

      • I am excited – no more dreaming over food … I just don’t eat anything tasty anymore so had to put an end to that. I won’t use it everyday, but enough to try a few things I have been craving. They have lots of recipes on those sites!! And some look pretty easy … I don’t have a printer so that is why I ordered a few crock pot books as I know I would otherwise have to write them out as I don’t have a tablet either. I have been perusing the FB sites – there is another one that is public to see without joining. I usually don’t get any groups in my Facebook feed – just the news, nature sites and parks and read the group sites separately.

      • I keep sneaking over to the recipes at the Facebook sites. I got one cookbook delivered but haven’t looked at it yet. It’s been so many years since I cooked a meal – more than I should admit. I saw Shepherd’s Pie and Stroganoff today which looked good.

      • Itโ€™s just like riding a bike! Just think you can throw something into the slow cooker, go walk and do whatever you want and dinner is served when you get done!

      • I like that idea Diane. I didn’t know you could make eggs and dessert in there as well. I was surprised about that. And pasta, didn’t know that was doable, thought it was separate. I am just craving some tasty meals again, especially seeing all your meals!

      • Pasta is about the only thing we donโ€™t like in the slow cooker. It is very starchy and just doesnโ€™t quite get done to our liking. But donโ€™t let that discourage you! Try it and see what you think. If I have a good recipe that calls for pasta, I just cook it on the stove top then add it to the slow cooker at the last minute.

      • I have been looking at some recipes, then off to bed … I am behind here. It dawns on me (stupid me) that I don’t have any spices in the house as I’ve not cooked a meal in almost 10 years. About four years ago, I took everything from the two lazy Susans in the cupboard and threw them out. I figured that my mom had not used them the last year of her life so not used since 2008 at least. I figured some were rancid or no longer good. Sigh. Well, I’ll have to get some basic things in here, that’s for sure. I was looking at chicken pot pie just now. Who knew you could make that in a crockpot – she says tear up Pillsbury dough sheets to get the pastry.

      • Meant to comment on the pasta – I did see some people comment on that … one person said to add it the last 10-15 minutes if there was enough liquid. I’m sure there will be some boo-boos, believe me!

      • Yes … it probably will cost a small fortuneto replenish the spices as it is. My mom had a lot of baking spices though – I likely won’t bake sweets in it … at least til I get the hang of it. I’m really a newbie at cooking, trust me.

      • Thanks for the tip Diane – I didn’t know where to start – I feel like a new bride!!! I never thought about the dollar store! I bought my mom a revolving spice rack many decades ago. It sits on the corner of the counter-top but those spices are long past expired. But there are about 25 bottles and they all match – it looks nice, so I keep it there.

      • I would refill the bottles with new. I wish I could take you to Amish country with me! I always mark the date I buy or dehydrate my herbs and spices. Then I try and replace them every year but sometimes itโ€™s two years.

      • Oh, these were way older than two years that I threw away and the revolving spicerack is really old! It would be good to use that set. The problem is I have such a small house and nowhere to store anything and very few electrical plugs too.

  2. Ahhh I’ve been so tempted to get a slow cooker since my parents got one a few months ago, might treat myself to one as a housewarming gift for myself after I’ve moved flats next weekend!

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