Mysterious Seeds From China


We were watching the news Tuesday and they announced that China may be mailing mysterious seeds to random people in the USA and that the seeds may be invasive. Being an avid gardener I was sure to take notice. Ironically, Wednesday I received one of these random seeds packets in the mail. The bag it came in states it is jewelry, mine said one ring and I did not order this. The authorities ask that if you receive these seeds, DO NOT OPEN OR PLANT THEM. Click the link below to read what USA Today wrote about these mysterious seeds from China and what you should do if you receive them like I did.



These are what my seeds look like, however, they show different seeds in the USA Today article. I have no idea what kind of seeds these are, do you have any idea?

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  1. I live in the comparatively freethinking zone known as northern New Mexico. I would plant them in a heartbeat. The sensible way, of course. In pots. Let’s see what grows, first, before doing something silly to the whole living environment.

  2. Whats this? Sorry, makes me laughing, but sounds like the story from the Trojan Horse. Maybe China will overtake the US by psychedlic plants. However touching can be harmful too, think on the Ambrosia plant. Be well and stay save. Michael

  3. Hi- from the picture they look like lava rocks which you can bead on jewelery and put essential oil on cause they are porous. That’s my only guess. So weird maybe it got sent to the wrong sender. Weird timing.

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. My husband, who keeps up with the news and politics much more so than I do, said he had read about it. Frankly, these days, just because it is reported on the Internet doesn’t mean a hill of beans (humor intended). To read about it from the personal experience of a reliable source really makes it hit home.

  5. Oh wow, how weird! They look rather like blueberries, don’t they? I’d be sort of tempted to try and germinate a couple in a pot but… well, probably best not.

  6. I have seen this several times. Is there someplace to take them, or send them to one of our many agencies to analyze. This seems like something that should be investigated quickly. Why would China send out all these random looking seeds if there was no agenda?

  7. Tried on comment on the blog and not sure it went thru. Hope there is one of our numerous govt agencies on top of this! Maybe a spot for all these seeds to go to be analyzed. Seems like some kind of agenda…for fear if nothing else.

  8. I heard about this on the news as well. It is very strange. Your seeds look different then the ones I saw on the news report which is kind of odd unless they are sending many different invasive species.

  9. Wow, you actually received one of the mailed boxes from China, Diane!

    The way they look thick and round, is very similar to soybeans (to make soybean paste; “miso”, in Japanese).

  10. We received an email from our garden supplier telling us to bring them the seeds or to contact our local AG department – do not open. And most definitely, do not plant.

  11. I read that article! I won’t be too surprised if I get seeds since I order a lot online, but I hope I don’t because I will have to report them. Scary but I think it’s a feedback scam.

  12. 😮😮😮 oh my goodness!!! Did you contact that government agency and ask?

    That is weird 😮 How spooky

    Its awful we have to be cautious like that!

  13. Let us know what you find out when you contact the authorities. I suspect they will either dispose of them or tell you how to. Diane this is so weird! I am glad you let us in on it.

  14. In my newspaper today, they said, not to open or even throw away…call your state Dept. of Agriculture. They will instruct you what to do with them. They say put that bag of seeds into a ziplock type back before mailing out. Also, DO NOT OPEN or toss in your garbage bin. God only knows what will grow in our landfills. This could be a threat to us too.
    Please heed and do this correctly.

  15. To be honest, I really, really want to receive a packet in the mail but let’s hope that I don’t because I’m not sure I could resist planting them to see what happens.

    • I saw a website posted that they were normal vegetable and flower seeds but that some had a purple substance on them. Authorities still think something is up with them that they will be invasive to our native plants.

  16. I had no idea this was happening! We don’t watch the news, so I guess that explains it lol!
    But oh my, that must have been freaky! Honestly, in my opinion, its freakier that they found your address and info without you ordering it, just makes you think what else they know!
    Thank you for sharing this Diane, and good luck <3

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