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Well it looks like I might be done blogging for a while. WP finally switched me to the new editor and I have no idea how to write my recipes. I will keep trying to figure it out so please be patient with me.

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  1. I agree the change is frustrating at best!!! I also have been working with the classic editor. What I find most annoying in thing like this is how they are positioned as easy changes and how much better it will be. That’s often not the case for some people.
    I hope you stay with it and find what you need to keep posting!

  2. Click on WP Admin at the bottom of the left side. It will take you to your old familiar editor.

  3. I was in a “beta” testing time for it about a year ago. Gave them my input on how not-user-friendly they made it so I hope they have listened?!? I have not switched over to it lately – just click on the lower right-hand icon to allow you to go back to the “classic” (what I use right now) to continue with your good stuff. I am sure they will force us to go with the blocks at some point…just make it more user-friendly and it may work?! Good Luck Diane!.

  4. If you go to your dashboard… you can switch back. They said classic editor was not going away. Sending lots of prayers your way!

    • You are so sweet Anita! I was up to the wee hours in the morning last night and I know how to post. So much more to learn but I will get there. Thank you so much for being so supportive!

      • I’m sorry, Diane — I only just noticed your response! And I just knew you would figure out how to work with the WordPress changes! 🙂 I certainly empathize with the feeling of trying to figure out every new change with technology! So happy that you are still sharing your meal passions and travel recommendations with all of us in the blogosphere, as it adds joy during these troubling times! 🙂 <3

  5. Hi Diane, I switched over to the new editor a while back. Yes it was strange at first but it is easy to navigate. In fact i find it better that the old one. Quicker to use and i have started posting from my phone on occasions.
    At first i wrote dummy posts and played around to get the hang of it, find out what the buttons done. If it went wrong it didn’t matter.
    So jump in there and look at it has a mini adventure. Oh and you’re never to old lass. 😁George ☘️

    • Aww thank you for your support George. I found the new classic editor and I was able to post off of that thank God! Some day when I have more time 🤣I will play around with the block editor. I have a funny feeling they will make us change to that down the road. 💕

  6. Hang in there, it’s different, but it is conquerable though not as easy as drag and drop was. You could load the card as an image if you save it as a jpeg on your desktop and use the image block to upload it. Maybe.

  7. Oh dear! I just checked. I got switched too! My post today was scheduled yesterday or it may not have happened. I feel the same as you I love the classic. I am also not computer-savvy. Why is WP enforcing this change? I tried it for one post and there were things I could not do. I especially dislike what happened to the Media not to mention all the options I do not understand. Maybe I am support to stop blogging. Hope you figure things out. Hope to see you again on WP.

    • Lena don’t give up! I did a post today. If you click at the top “write” your post, type the title then click the plus. On the left there will be a search box. Type classic in it and just below the search you will see the word classic. Click it and you can continue in the new classic version. It is still challenging but pretty much the same format as the old editor. If I can do this so can you. Just give yourself some time to click things and figure it out.

      • You sure about that. 🤣 If I get next week’s post out you will know I got it one way or another. Thanks for the help.

  8. Ha! Now you are a WP expert too! They have made a lot of changes recently that have messed up our email feeds. It’s very frustrating and does generate a throw in the towel gut reaction. Let’s all try to learn this together.

    • I would have never figured it out without all my fellow bloggers comments on how to do it. I am still struggling but at least I made a post. I need to figure out how to bring up a saved post in classic view now. For some reason my save didn’t save last night and it deleted my post so I had to make a new one and published right away.

  9. Don’t give up! I think we’ll get used to the changes eventually. I figured out what to do with my latest post, except for using some specific features that I needed in one section. I added a classic block and that enabled me to use the features.

  10. That sounds scary Diane. I had 3 drafts saved and just got the notice today. Wish they had waited until after I post my Thursday weekly post. Now I have to figure out how to convert the draft to classic. It already looks messed up……so frustrating.

  11. GEEZ! So far I am still not using the block editor. I tried it out a while back but I didn’t care for using it. Hopefully I can continue writing posts the old way. You know what happens when you try to teach an old dog a new trick? They just go lay down in the corner. LOL! Well, you are far from being old and I refuse to admit it at just 59. I am certainly not doing to lay down in the corner. Hang in there I am sure all will work out fine.

    • Hey I’m 61 so now you have no excuse…lol If you get a chance read through all the comments on this post. That is the only way I figured out how to use the new classic editor. I was given very good advice from my wonderful blogging family! It is very similar but it was still challenging to figure out. I still have a lot to learn about it but at least I can post.

      • It seems a lot of “things” are being upgraded and changed. Facebook for one is itching for everyone to “adapt” to their new look. I keep switching back to the classic view but the last pop up said it wil not be available soon. Another site I use frequetly tries something new and always has a way to switch and asks why we don’t like the new way. Eventually, they discontinue the new look. I have my opinion why “things” change but it is just my opinion… Us “oldies but goodies” always have plenty of tried and true opinions. After all, we are betting MUCH better with age. 🙂

  12. Oh no, are they forcing people over to the new system? I have worked as a senior software engineer so I’m pretty good with IT. I can use Javascript and HTML5 in websites I design myself, plus I was an Oracle DBA and C# developer, but I still hate this new editor. It is horrible. I think WP are making a big mistake in pushing people over to the new system. I feel for you in this situation.

  13. guh — don’t get me started on new WP — will they ever consult us first?! for whatever it’s worth, I often find it helpful to go to wordpress.com/help

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