Mimosa & White Russian Drinks

Mimosa is a delicious cocktail made with orange juice, champagne and a cherry for a special touch. This is a very easy cocktail to make for New Years Eve. To see my recipe click HERE.

Why is a White Russian my #1 favorite cocktail to drink? Because it is made with Kahlua which is a rum and coffee liqueur. I can’t resist coffee even in a cocktail. To see my recipe click HERE.



  1. This is funny. I don’t care for mimosas but either a black or white russian is the only alcoholic drink I will drink…except for wine of course.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Diane, your post reminds me of drinking White Russians when I was in college, on the mistaken assumption that the milk would coat our stomachs! I probably haven’t had one since but remember the Kahlua as being very good, although I don’t remember putting vodka in it, but as poor students maybe we couldn’t afford it?

      • Well it sounded logical, but perhaps I remember them as at our end of second year party, I started with a white Russian, had red wine with dinner, an after dinner brandy with dessert and some kind of mixed drink at the class party – the first and only time I ever threw up the next morning! I was not a big drinker even then but lesson learned – don’t mix drinks.

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