Mimosa is a delicious cocktail made with orange juice, champagne and a cherry for a special touch. One of the easiest cocktails you can make and the perfect drink to serve your guests for any occasion. This is a very easy cocktail you could make for New Years Eve.






Place a maraschino cherry in a glass.

You are supposed to use a champagne

flute glass but really, I don’t care what glass

I drink out of as long as the drink tastes good.



Add the champagne and orange

juice to the glass, stir and serve.










  • 2½ oz. orange juice, cold
  • 2½ oz. champagne, cold
  • 1 – maraschino cherry


  1. Add the maraschino cherry to the glass.
  2. Add the orange juice and champagne to the glass.
  3. Stir and serve immediately.

This recipe makes 1 cocktail.


Categories: Alcohol Based, Fruit


  1. Brings me back to Sunday brunch in the 1990s.
    And side note on those red jarred cherries – I worked at a restaurant in 1992 and the manager told us that only two items in the whole place had preservatives – he walked to show us these bagged croutons – said they had preservatives –
    Then he showed us this jar of maraschino cherries and said they were the second item that had them – and we looked on the jar and they also had food colorings and corn syrup. The manager was a little head of his time with health stuff – but he told us to skip these little chemical drops – and go for a fresh orange or fresh lemon/lime slice –

    • But they taste SO GOOD! hahahaha Seriously, I never knew that. I wonder what grenadine has in it because you can put that in too. I am slowly eating healthier. Trying the low carb thing now. Keeping my carbs below 100 a day with high protein. It’s crazy because I’m not even very hungry!

  2. This is the first time when I am encountering the recipe for this drink.
    I have never even drank a sip of this drink in my life, but I guess it is a first time for everyone :-D.
    Thank you for sharing and happy holidays! 🌲

    • It is used frequently for special occasions like baby showers, wedding showers etc. where I live. Most everyone loves orange juice which is what makes this drink so popular. I hope you get a chance to try it some day Katherine. You’re welcome and Happy New Year!

      • All your drinks looked good Diane and I knew there had to be a recipe for the Hummer … it is pretty easy and I don’t have a blender (gave it to my neighbor one time as I never used it) but this looks like a White Russian. Anyway, if you went to the London Chop House (which we went often when I worked at the ad agencies – vendors would take our bosses and us for lunch) or at going-away parties, we went for Hummers. I once was wearing a brand-new velour dress and it had a belt with two gold decorations on the tie belt. The London Chop House had tablecloths with a loopy trim around the bottom – it was a very old clubby-type place and anyway, you sat in these bench seats and we had a corner one and someone wanted to go to the bathroom and I had to get up – the tassle belt gold ornament got caught in the loop and I pulled the entire tablecloth of Hummers onto myself. We had just been served a few minutes before – a mess and a half and my dress was ruined … ice cream running down the front of it. Now it is funny – maybe blogworthy to write about on day. So here in Detroit we have invented the “Hummer” and “Cold Duck” – for the ad agency we went to the Pontchartrain Wine Cellars that invented cold duck – half burgundy wine/half champagne. Very bubbly – I did not care for it as it went right to my head. If I had a drink it was white wine and could last all night. Here’s your Hummer recipe:

      • OMG how awful that must have been!!! I couldn’t help to laugh about a velour dress though! They were all the rage back then. Thank you for the link to the Hummer!!!! I saved it and will try it next time we have vanilla ice cream.

      • Yes, and it’s a fancy place there and whenever someone left, the bosses would treat and pick up the tab … the Hummers back then (late 70s) were about $10.00 or more. Anyway, here is this prim and proper waiter with soda water trying to sponge my dress off and I’m in it – I’m all upset as I loved that dress and first time on. He rubbed the velour the wrong way and the ice cream came out but the nap was “off”. Just picture that little gold knob on the belt pulling the entire tablecloth off! You’re welcome Diane – now, I’ll wait to see your post about it and enjoy it vicariously. 🙂

  3. I like champagne! My husband made a very similar drink Christmas morning when we first got married. But then we got tired by early afternoon. Lol.

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