White Russian


Why is a White Russian my #1 favorite cocktail to drink? Because it is made with Kahlua which is a rum and coffee liqueur. I can’t resist coffee even in a cocktail. There are only three ingredients in this amazing cocktail and it is very simple to make.






Place ice into a glass.



Add the Kahlua, Vodka and

Half & Half. Stir and serve.


White Russian




  • 1¼ oz. Vodka
  • 1¼ oz. Kahlua Rum & Coffee Liqueur
  • 1¼ oz. Half & Half, cold


  1. Place ice into a glass.
  2. Add the Kahlua and Half & Half.
  3. Stir and serve.

This recipe makes one cocktail.



  1. Are you on a drinks binge? Maybe getting we followers prepared for New Year’s festivities. Just so long as you’re not on a DRINKING binge. I’ll be checking for typos along with serving dishes now… 😉

    • Nope no binge! However, I did serve the drinks for Christmas. I wanted to do a post on each drink. My family always jokes with me how they always have to wait for their food so I can take pictures. So on Christmas Eve I was alone and I took pictures of the Mimosa (and drank it). Then I made the Bloody Mary, took pictures, and drank it. I saved my favorite for last, the White Russian, pictures and drank it! Not one person even noticed I didn’t take any pictures on Christmas but I sure enjoyed myself on Christmas Eve and I slept well! Hahaha

      • Darn! You party girl, you! I did the same recently with Dexter, the suction cup Dragonfly. But started with pic of milk and cookies…. Silly me. Drank it. Set up for beer and popcorn… drank it. Wine and chocolate shoot had to wait for the next night. Stomach was rumbling from 12 oz. milk followed 10 min later with 12 oz. beer.

  2. These remind me of my university days, when we were under the mistaken impression that the cream/milk would coat and protect your stomach. I don’t think I’ve had one since!

    • Thank you! Did you see the Mimosa and Bloody Mary cocktails I posted? They are simple too and delicious. I served all three on Christmas but the Mimosa was the biggest hit.

      • I did and they sounded good. We didn’t have alcohol in my home when I was growing up so these are new to me. It sounds like they would be fun and easy to try.

  3. Ohhhh man that looks good!!!! Pretty much the only time I drink is if I’ve traveled somewhere and am staying at a hotel and don’t have to drive anywhere. When I do that I order either a Negroni or Kahlua & Cream. Sounds like this White Russian is a kicked up Kahlua & Cream!!!! Yum! Making a note to try that the next time I have a chance to treat myself to a drink. LOL I think my last drink was whenever Bush’s “Shock & Awe” campaign was on CNN 24/7. Yah…that long. LOL

    • Thank you it is that good. It sure has been a long time since you had a drink! We rarely drink too, maybe two times a year but when I do it is one of the three drinks I posted recently or (believe it or not) I like a light beer. Have a wonderful New Year!!

      • I was thinking about this and I believe I have had a few frozen margaritas within the past decade, too. I remember either peach or mango and maybe a pomegranate. I love those things. I wish you a Happy New Year as well!

  4. Okay so when I read this recipe I get a little nauseous lol. This is because the most hungover and sickest I ever got after a night of partying was when I was in my early 20s and discovering a magical concoction called White Russians – ha! 😀

      • I do love coffee! I like the international creamer but now just get the powdered … Coffee Mate’s Vanilla Caramel is my favorite.

      • I love their caramel. I never tried the vanilla caramel. I stopped buying them because of all the sugar. Now I go for the fat and use Half & Half! hahahahaha

      • Ha ha – I stopped buying the liquid creamers as they cool off the coffee too quickly. But the Coffeemate, especially the vanilla caramel is awesome. Land-O-Lakes used to make a good non-fat creamer which my mom liked in her oatmeal – I happen to like my oatmeal hot, so I don’t put refrigerated milk in it, but I do use powdered milk in it so it stays hot, but is creamy.

  5. We used to have “Hummers” at the London Chop House when I worked at an ad agency back in the late 70s – it was their specialty. A very thick drink, like a milkshake, with Kahlua and cream and ice cream – well OMG.

  6. In the 19880s, my friend dawn and I used to drink these at the holidays – always had them at Christmas for like four years in a row.
    They can sneak up on ya tho – haha
    but I can see why you love these 🙂

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