Did You Know – Powdered Sugar

Do you know what it means, and the difference, between 6-X and 10-X on Powdered Sugar bags?

The “X” designations are derived from the mesh sizes of the screens used to separate powdered sugar into various sizes. Thus, 6X would have a larger particle size, whereas 10X would have a smaller particle size. The larger the number the finer the powdered sugar will be.

Source: Domino Sugar

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  1. Happy Holidays, Diane! Thanks for another great information. Here powdered sugar is mostly used for decorating cakes and cookies. 🙂 Best wishes, Michael P.S.: In the USA you are not so spoiled in packaging design.;-) Here even powdered sugar is packed in design packs.Of course, to sell this more expensive.Lol

    • Haha good guess! I was told years ago, from a Wilton cake decorating instructor, it meant how many times it was sifted. After researching with Domino I learned the real reason. I guess you are suppose to use different fineness for different things like icing.

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