White Russian


This is a White Russian my way. I’m not a big drinker, usually one or two drinks during the holidays or on a special occasion. I have had Kahlua in my cupboard since Christmas….I LOVE Kahlua! I like it with Half-n-Half as a drink too.

Kahlua is made with coffee and I love coffee. I use to make my own Kahlua and maybe I will dig up the recipe and blog about it some day. Anyhow, this is my version of a White Russian. It isn’t very different from the regular recipe but because of my love of Kahlua, my recipe has extra Kahlua in it!






Fill your glass with ice.



Add the Kahlua.



Add the Vodka.



Pour in the Half-n-Half (heavy cream or milk will work too) and stir.

Now sit back and enjoy!


White Russian




1-1/2 shots Vodka

2 shots Kahlua

1-1/2 shots Half-n-Half


Fill a glass with ice.

Add the Kahlua, the Vodka and the Half-n-Half. If you pour carefully the Kahlua will stay on the bottom of the glass and the white Half-n-Half on top…White Russian.

Mix with a spoon and enjoy!


Categories: Alcohol Based


  1. Because my blog is an homage to on The Dude (who Abides), I had to read this. And with almond milk? Who knew?! I might have to start drinking this and wearing a robe in public. Not illegal as long as there’s stuff underneath it, amirite?

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