Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract



This is a follow-up on the Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract that I posted last year. Do you see how dark it is? I wish you could smell it because it smells amazing! It is one of the easiest things you can make and it never goes bad.

As I use the Pure Vanilla Extract in baking I add more vodka to keep the vanilla beans covered. This bottle is my mother bottle. I keep a small bottle from the mother bottle, without the vanilla beans, in my cupboard for baking.

Pure Vanilla Extract is so expensive. It is with good reason too. It takes a good six months to get a wonderful taste. The longer it sits the better it gets! I keep mine in a paper bag in the cool, dark basement and just shake it about once a week. It is made with alcohol and vanilla Beans. The expensive part is the vanilla beans. When I purchased my beans they were at the peak of cost. I was so excited to try this that I did not care. I used one large bottle for gifts and one large bottle for me. I use a lot of Vanilla Extract but as you can see, I still have most of my bottle left. Keep in mind that you can make any amount that you wish. If you want to make a small bottle, just keep the beans covered with the vodka and follow the same process.

Here are some pictures of different stages of the Pure Vanilla Extract. Compare those to the picture above and what a difference!

Here is the link to my original blog with the directions on how to do this process. http://indianeskitchen.com/2017/03/09/pure-vanilla-extract




  1. My oldest daughter knows I love Vanilla Sugar, but I have a hard time finding it here, in the desert. I could only find it in Polish stores in Chicago. She made and shipped me a jar of vanilla sugar which came out great. I am sendingher a link to your blog so she can get on the next project and make the extract. 🙂

  2. Always wanted to do this, going to definitely try this recipe! Made a mini version with some scraped vanilla bean into a little spice jar with vodka six months back, but didn’t let it sit long enough.

    Do you think quality of vodka matters, or does it get cooked off regardless? Thanks!

  3. I’ll definitely be trying this. I wasn’t impressed with the “organic pure Madagascar vanilla extract” from my grocery store. Now my guess is they didn’t let it sit long enough. Well, I can be patient. Very, verrrry patient.

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