Easy Meatless Chicken Noodle Soup

Sometimes I just want to skip the meat, but I never have that problem with pasta. This soup has celery, onion, broth, seasonings, noodles and is perfect for a chilly day.

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.



  1. No meat? Oh Diane, this will be difficult 😉 … but I guess, sometimes a meatless dish is not such a bad idea! And if I have to choose one without meat, then it will be this dish of yours!

    • I know it’s a shocker, but we have been eating so much meat and I am trying to get as much stuff as possible out of our freezer. Our side of beef comes soon. If it’s going to be that hard to take, cut up some cooked chicken and throw it in! 🤣😂🤣

  2. Pastes can be great ingredients to start a good sauce or soup with and this one looks wonderful! Soups are so soothing this time of the year with the cooler weather.

  3. The chickens appreciate this post Diane. It is a good recipe to post since they say the avian flu will reduce chickens and their eggs so there goes the supply for cooking/baking and also less turkeys this year are expected. Sigh.

    • My son is making turkey this year again. It will be interesting to see if he has a problem purchasing two turkeys. He is trying something new this year and cooking one outside. I think he said in the smoker? Thank you Linda!

      • I remember when smokers first came out – people were all about making their turkeys in the smoker … easy, keeps it juicy, less mess, so that sounds like a good plan. Gives you a day off Diane unless you’re bringing sides and dessert! Hopefully turkeys are not difficult to purchase as your son can’t have two turkeys in his freezer, or he’ll have to borrow your big freezer space. P.S. Overheard in the bread aisle at Meijer yesterday when two women were discussing thin bagels. One said “I love how crispy these get in the toaster.” The other one said “I don’t have a toaster so I make toast in my air fryer.” Who knew you could make toast in an air fryer? I thought of you immediately.

      • My son also has a freezer in his garage to store all the fish his catches. Yes I saw where someone made a toasted cheese sandwich in their air fryer, I was amazed too.

      • I never thought about your son freezing his fish – I know he’s an avid fisherman … no problem using your freezer then. I thought I could wow you with the overheard toast-in-the-airfryer story … you one-upped me on the grilled cheese tho. I am craving a grilled cheese now.

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