Did You Know – Banana

Do you ever try to peel a banana from the stem and it won’t break in two?

I hate it when I can’t pull it apart and it gets all mushy on the end.

The trick to getting the banana peeled is to peel it from the opposite end.

Pinch the end, pull back and peel.

This also removes most of the stringy parts.


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    • Tell him the primates do this in the wild. That was actually where I learned of it for the first time. Then I had a stem that was still a little green and it wouldn’t break so I peeled the bottom, so simple!

  1. You know, I was saying to my sister the other day that bananas don’t peel as easily as they used to. The stem used to pop, and presto, you could peel the fruit easily. Now, it just sort of beds. I will definitely give this a try.

  2. Oh. When I saw this one I thought you were calling me a banana.
    Good idea for banana eaters. Really, I always peel it the other way, from the stem. From now on though…

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