Chicken Gizzards & Hearts

Chicken Gizzards and Hearts cooked all day in the slow cooker is what makes these so tender and delicious. This is the best chicken gizzards and hearts I have ever made!

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


    • I actually have trouble finding the gizzards and hearts. I have to drive an hour away in hope of getting them in bulk but most of the time there aren’t any. They told me it was too time consuming removing them during processing, what a waste! Thank you Ab!

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      • I tried deep fried gizzards once in a farmers market and it was so good. Still think about it from time to time! Yes, definitely a waste to waste these parts.

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  1. Oh! Chicken gizzards! This is a lost art. Now that I live in the South, gizzards and livers are served fried. Lemme tell ya…better than potato chips! This is a recipe I will be using.

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