Flavored Jasmine Rice

Are you intimidated by making rice of any kind? Or maybe you want a different taste than regular white or jasmine rice. If so, follow my easy step by step directions and learn how to make delicious rice by clicking HERE.


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  1. We use broth to cook the rice from time to time and it really makes such a difference in flavour!

    If you have time, I suggest making Hainese Chicken. It’s a simple Chinese dish but the rice is made from the chicken broth and is so flavorful. Happy to send a recipe if you’re interested.

  2. Woohoo!! Did not know this!! Will try the broths. Lately I’ve been adding minced garlic and some of its juice in the water while boiling rice. Yum. Thank you for this idea. The part about putting the spices in oil first is helpful, too.

    • That sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing that with me. I would love it if you would post the recipe on my “It’s Friday What’s For Dinner” post as I would like to try this. Thank you and don’t feel like you have too.

      • Oh yes, I would love to. I’ll look out for your next “It’s Friday What’s For Dinner” post … I’m no chef (like you), but my yellow rice with raisins dish is always a winner with our friends when it’s on the table … must say something about the dish 😉!

  3. I was eating rice with my crockpot meals, then I read that you should not keep it in the fridge more than a couple of days as it can get harmful bacteria. I was surprised to learn that so I now just use noodles more.

    • I use to be too, but I figured out I needed to put the burner as low as it went on my stove. It’s funny because it isn’t hard to make but I still drag my feet. I will make a huge pan full and then make recipes with it for the next day or two.

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