Did You Know – Green Pepper

Did you know that you can cut a green pepper and leave the seeds attached to the stem?

It is rare that I cut up a green pepper because I dislike the way they taste.

So todays picture below, is compliments of my husband as he loves green pepper.

Not one seed came loose from the stem, however, he has cut a lot of green peppers in his lifetime.

He makes a square out of it by slicing four sides from the pepper.

He said when he is done he also cuts the bottom off and uses it too.

So give it a try and see if you think my husbands way is easier and less messy.



  1. I will try it next time! Seems like a good idea. I have a bag of frozen rolls in our freezer that I bought to make one of your recipes. It’s been awhile, so now I need to figure out which recipe! LoL Have a great day!

  2. Neat! I just made a sausage and green pepper stir fry. Can you do anything with the stem/seeds afterwards – like repotting?

    • Yes you can grow more pepper plants from the seeds, however, the pepper needs to be fully ripe. It needs to be just past the point you would eat it and the skin is wrinkled. Depending on if you are drying the seeds or planting them right away, there is a process to follow so I would suggest looking it up on Google. We were given heirloom tomato seeds quite a few years back. That process was so strange, the seeds went between wet paper towels and you placed them on top of the refrigerator.

  3. I will give this a try! I “keep” the seeds and toss them to the menagerie in the pen. Someone always eats up the seeds but it is a pain so I will try your husband’s method. Do you eat red sweet peppers? I have a friend who also doesn’t like green peppers. I grew up with them so they are like second nature to me.

    • He wants to take up photography when he retires. We took the grandkids and my daughter to the zoo last Sunday and he took his new Nikon. The grandkids took more picture than he did so I don’t know.🤣

      • Ha ha – maybe he would do better with a camera phone. I see some bloggers taking wonderful photos with cameras. Peggy (from Peggy’s Country Life) just mentioned the other day she likes her iPhone better than her camera. I want to learn how to take photos off “automatic” – I only use the DSLR on the weekends and it came with a kit lens but I don’t want to experiment with manual and risk losing pictures. I took a class for my 35mm camera years ago (1980), but forgot everything I learned.

      • Since I wrote this I have read still another blog post about a photographer, (on Yvette’s blog), and he just uses his iPhone now instead of the camera. Less to lug around. I don’t have a smartphone, but I would like to learn how to take videos on the phone. My blog post next week I have a couple of short videos to share from a fellow walker – I’ll see how that goes and whether I can learn how to use the camera. She took the videos with her phone and so it had voice.

      • I’m deferring the art stuff til I retire (hopefully next year he says) … but I’ll try to learn a little over the Winter. (Of course, every Winter I have all these things I plan to get done when the weather is done and seem to accomplish nothing, but blogging-related activities). 🙂

      • I had to chuckle over he will retire next year. I can relate about getting things done, seems like all I do is cook, blog and play candy crush on my iPad. Lol

      • I feel the same about the blogging. I have not sorted out some photos taken way back in July, some in September too. I have a lot to sort thru. I feel if I’m not walking/taking pictures, I am writing a post … or trying to catch up in Reader/comments. I am perpetually behind. I have not played Candy Crush but I am bad with Klondike Solitaire. I say play until you win. Then I win and say I’ll play for three wins. I love that game. There was a Jacquie Lawson Easter card that you crushed eggs. I would go do it, like Klondik, when bored at work. I was almost fanatical about winning – sometimes I’d play multiple games before winning. I’ll send you a link to it separately.

      • Unfortunately, they decide when you are done playing Diane. 🙂 I’ve had times I think I’m doing well and they stop the game just like that! It is a bit addictive though.

  4. That’s so interesting! We have two green peppers in our fridge – I’m definitely going to try this way of cutting. Can’t believe you don’t like green peppers … I don’t know why, but I thought you like everything 😅.

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