Hershey’s Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Made in one bowl, this Hershey’s frosting is mouthwatering and delicious. You won’t ever buy store bought frosting again after you see how easy it is to make this one and you probably have all the ingredients already.

To see my step by step directions with a printable recipe card click HERE.

If you want something to put the delicious frosting on, try these simple HOMEMADE BROWNIES.



  1. Old time favorite from the back of a Hershey’s Cocoa box. I just bought some cocoa so I would have it for the holidays. I read that chocolate will be expensive and hard to find this year because of a bad crop. I expect many cooks will be scratch cooking and baking because of inflation this year so it is a good idea to plan ahead for the holidays.


  2. Hmm 😋 … this looks so good! Maybe not the type of post I want to see late on a Saturday evening – I can almost taste that frosting (and brownies) … I’m saving this recipe Diane!


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