Did You Know-Grapes

Did you know that you shouldn’t wash your grapes until shortly before you eat them?

They should never be sealed in a bag or container with a lid. Grapes need circulation so go ahead and leave them in the store bag or container that they came in.

If you bring them home and leave them on the counter they will start to go bad within a couple of days.

Grapes should be refrigerated for longer life and the best place to store them is in the crisper with higher humidity or in the back of the shelf where it is colder. Storing them at 30-32 degrees with 90% humidity will preserve them even longer.

Grapes can be frozen and are delicious to eat right out of the freezer.


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  1. Not grapes but… we just picked a bucket of blueberries today. I did not wash them and have them in the refrigerator, hoping they last long enough that I don’t waste them. So good!

  2. Thank you for the information. But I always figured that grapes are best when you press them and save the juice for about 6 months. I don’t know if they stay fresh, but they have a nice kick!

  3. I didn’t know those facts about grapes Diane. My mom used to wash them and dip them in sugar and freeze them, just the big grapes you got in Summertime. I have not bought grapes since two people found Black Widow Spiders in the plastic bag with the holes they came in. Both women freaked out because they were in the sink and the spiders could have just walked out of the holes in the bag.

  4. Oh, I remember how my dad used to freeze their grapes to enjoy on hot days … they lived in a town where the summer temperature were constantly between 30 – 40 degrees Celsius (86 – 104 fahrenheit). And thanks for the tip on how to store them!

  5. Do you feel guilty when you snap off a few and put them in another bag at the grocery so you dont have to buy so many?! I did that with cherries the other day. I swear cherries are about twenty cents a piece right now and a 2 lbs bag is $15!

  6. You know, I always used to wash my grapes as soon as I brought them home. I’m glad to know it’s best to wait, to get a little more life out of ’em.

    • It’s the moisture that makes them start to go bad so the dryer the better. I always keep mine in the back of my drawer in the refrigerator and they keep so much longer. In fact tonight I was doing my grocery list and I found a bag back there from like 3 weeks ago. oops hahaha

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