It’s Time To Dry The Herbs

Dehydrating my home grown herbs is such a rewarding process for me, especially in the winter when I use them and know that we grew them. The picture above is our parsley, which went crazy this year.

After picking the parsley, I rinse them thoroughly in a colander and let them drain well, until almost dry. I usually pat them with a paper towel.

Next I snapped off the stems and place small pieces of the parsley on the trays of the dehydrator. I dehydrated them until they were completely dry and crumbled when I pinched them.

This is my dehydrated parsley. If you ever buy parsley and it is not green, then it is old.

This is the rosemary that I dehydrated the day before.

Click HERE to read more about dehydrating herbs in a past post.


  1. I used to get it for our canary – but I can remember seeing parsley flakes that were not dark green, so your theory about them being old makes a lot of sense. they probably packaged it up a long time before it went on the store shelves.


  2. Very interesting. I don’t know why we never thought of this! We also had a rosemary bush that got out of hand (the one herb that just keeps on growing). I think it’s time to invest in a dehydrator, but the question is which will be first: The dehydrator or the air fryer 😉?


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