It’s Friday What’s For Dinner 7-29-22

Anyone that makes a homemade dinner is welcome to type the name of one recipe you prepared in the comments, then we can all scroll through the comments for recipe ideas. This will be a weekly Friday post and only recipes on the Friday posts will be allowed.

If someone wants your recipe and asks there will be no pressure to share it, it’s up to you. I will accept links, but only to the recipe, however it may take me a few days to approve it so I can make sure the link is legitimate and not spam. NO SPAM WILL BE ALLOWED, ONLY RECIPES OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.

I find the hardest part of making dinner isn’t the process, but figuring out what to make. So go ahead and post ONE RECIPE ONLY EACH FRIDAY in the comments or feel free to just read what others have made. Either way, I hope we all get some great ideas to make our meal planning easier.

I will not be commenting on your ”It’s Friday What’s For Dinner” recipe as this is your recipes to share with everyone.

My “It’s Friday What’s For Dinner” in the picture above is SHEET PAN BAKED CHICKEN & VEGETABLES.


  1. Tonight, grilled pork chops and vegetables
    For the vegetables…
    one each, eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash.
    Slice them long ways thin, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick..
    Mix some balsamic vinegar. EVOO, garlic powder and salt to taste.
    Layer and coat both sides of the veggies and let them rest a while in a roasting pan.
    For the chops..
    nothing fancy. The chops should be at least 1/2 inch thick. Make a light rub with
    garlic and onion powder, pinch of turmeric and cumin, ground oregano and some salt. Pepper if desired.
    Rub each chop with the mixture.
    Grill the vegetables first until they are soft, turning once. They are best when served cold.
    For the chops,
    grill them slowly over charcoal or on a gas grill until juices run clear. Be careful not to overcook them.
    Keep some of your favorite BBQ sauce on the side if you’d like. Adds a nice touch if you use the good stuff.
    Serve with a nice Sangiovese wine.
    I love the pork chops this way, but really, the grilled vegetables are super good!!

  2. I hate to say it but it will probably be Culver’s for us. I do have a killer baked bean recipe I need to send you though.

  3. When I was a kid my mom would often make lamb chops and sliced potatoes. I’m not sure how she cook them or what other ingredients she used but I hated that meal with a passion. The potatoes were okay but the lamb chops were big, grey, fatty and just disgusting. And no matter how long they cooked, they always looked and tasted like they could have cooked longer. I swore I would never eat another lamb chop as long as I lived. Then one night at a fancy dinner party hosted by my husband’s boss, we were served these little succulent jewels that looked like medallions of meat on a lollipop stick. They were perfectly grilled, juicy and tasted sublime. I later found out they were Baby New Zealand Lamb Chops. Well, once you get the “Baby” part out of your head, these little morsels will become a staple in your dinner fare. They are delicate, taste and light. All I do is drizzle them before cooking with EVOO and sprinkle with my beloved seasoned salt. Then onto the grill they go for just a few minutes; they cook up fast and you don’t want them to dry out. I like to serve these with a side of mash and Brussel sprouts or grilled asparagus. You’ll feel like you just ate dinner at the Waldorf Astoria!

    • I’m with you Nancy, I don’t and have never liked lamb. I have never heard of Baby New Zealand Lamb Chops but would be willing to try them, one last time.

      • Go for it, Diane! I forgot to mention the melted butter to drizzle after cooking. These little gems are a delightful mouthful and do not scream “LAMB!!” PS – I don’t know about you but I would never intentionally ruin a perfectly good meal by adding mint jelly! Eww!!

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