Seasoned Butter On Sweet Corn

It’s Sweet Corn season where I live and what better way to eat Sweet Corn than with Seasoned Butter!

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. I miss sweet corn! When I lived in Colorado we had Olathe Sweet corn and it was the best! I have live all over and am in Texas now, haven’t had good corn yet!

    • My parents moved back from Florida a year ago. They lived in Ohio their entire lives and said the tomatoes and corn couldn’t compare to Ohio’s. Now they are at the farmer stand weekly. I have never left Ohio so I guess I take it for granted.

  2. This looks delicious Diane, especially the secret seasoning. I usually put butter, salt and pepper on the corn, wrap it in foil and cook. Now I have some new ingredients, yum. C

  3. That looks delicious, Diane. Sweet corn season is the best! 😋

    I made bbq corn once with honey and chipotle. Also worth a try!

  4. We make exactly the same butter & herb mix for our sweet corn … and loves it! And I have some sweet corn in the fridge – maybe a good idea for something light for dinner later. Thanks for sharing ( and reminding me) 😊.

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