Roscoe Village

Since we missed out on our cruise to Hawaii last year, due to the pandemic, my husband had 3 weeks vacation built up that he needed to use it or lose it. Monday we decided to visit a new place called Roscoe Village in Coshocton Ohio, pictures below. Tuesday we headed towards Cleveland to eat at a place called Fat Heads and shop at Trader Joe’s, an organic grocery store. Wednesday was our semi annual trip to Amish country. Click HERE to see our Amish trip from last year during the pandemic and HERE to see our Amish trip in 2019.

Roscoe Village was like walking through a beautifully landscaped old fashioned town from the past. Their shops had so many unique flavors of food, drinks, soaps, lotions etc. They are not only known for their little town but also for a canal boat that is pulled by horse mules. It only operates on weekends so we missed out on this one.

We ate at a place called The Warehouse Restaurant and we both had a delicious meal with crawfish tails in it. I have never tasted crawfish before and I thought they were delicious as they were served in a Cajun garlic sauce. We split a crawfish and onion rings appetizer, my husband had crawfish pasta and I had ribs with a side of crawfish macaroni and cheese. All of it tasted so good!

I hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did!

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  1. Roscoe Village looks like such a beautiful town! But I’m afraid, you will have to drag me out of that shop – those beautiful jars of jam, wine and all the delicious-looking sweets (oh, that popcorn!) … yes, I will definitely enjoy myself there!
    And your food looks great too – I’m sure you are making new recipes in your head while eating those yummy food 😉.

  2. Hopefully, you can still make that cruise to Hawaii again in the near future! 🙂 In the meantime, it looks like you have found some great places to visit that didn’t require a cruise ship! 🙂

  3. I love Trader Joes, especially their sun dried tomatoes that are soft, yet in that package without oil…just tomatoes. I went a few weeks ago. That town looks like so much fun. I never thought of things like that in Ohio. Stores like that with such a variety of flavors for many items are so tempting. Did you come back with a huge haul? What does crawfish taste like. It looks kind of like shrimp in texture. So you opted to use the 3 weeks doing day trips instead of a longer vacation somewhere? Have fun!

    BTW, I made baked tofu last night, adding curry powder. I had it sitting on parchment paper but the stain bled through onto the nice and shiny non stick Chef baking dish (My landlady’s). Any suggestions for getting the stain out? I tried soaking it in vinegar and water, then comet and a little water, then bar keepers… luck.

    • This is going to sound crazy but people swear it works. Pour warm water into the dish then place a new dryer sheet on the surface of the water and let it sit overnight. The next day wipe it clean. Let me know if this worked will you please.

      • I tried it last night, putting the dryer sheets in the warm water yesterday morning, in the large baking sheet pan, and left it all day and night and the stains are still there. I am staying in a place with someone else’s stuff so I don’t know if this baking pan is non stick or not….but that may make a difference.

  4. Got me good, today. Crawdads are the only best memory of the few years I lived in Louisiana. And TRADER JOE’S is just a 20 minute drive to town of a Sunday morning for our week’s grocery shopping.

    And very nice photos, BTW. A skill you improve upon every year. You deserve the credit.

  5. Got me good, today. Crawdads are the only best memory of the few years I lived in Louisiana. And TRADER JOE’S is just a 20 minute drive to town of a Sunday morning for our week’s grocery shopping.

    And very nice photos, BTW. A skill you improve upon every year. You deserve the credit.

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment! I don’t think anyone could take a bad photo there, it was just beautiful! I wish Trader Joe’s was closer to us, their fruits and vegetables are so fresh!

  6. I am reminded of two things. One, there is a similar-ish place called Peddlar’s Village in Bucks County, not far north of Philadelphia. Two, you have a remarkable photographic eye. Rock on!

    • I could have bought one of everything! A lot of things were from Amish country and we went there two days later so I didn’t buy as much as I could have. lol Thanks!

  7. It looks like a very interesting place to visit. The food looks good, too!! Maybe you can visit again for the canal boat ride. 🙂

    • Probably not as it took a while to get there and although we loved it, there isn’t anything else new to do the next time, other than the canal boat. Thank you Michelle!

  8. That looked like such a fun trip. The town you visited looked very scenic and loved the outdoor patio space and furniture you passed by.

    The crawfish tail meal looked so sumptuous as did you rib entree!

    And I bet you enjoyed looking at those different organic treats! The ginger ketchup and the wasabi honey mustard sauces sound very interesting – as does the bacon and cheese flavored popcorn!

    • Thank you Cheryl! That food was amazing and I’m so glad I was able to try crawfish! As for a picture, I have only taken one decent selfie of us ever! We were in Alaska with a glacier behind us and now that I think about it, my husband may have pushed the button to take the picture. My arms are too short and he always blurs the picture or it’s off center or, well you get the picture! lol

  9. It’s too bad you had to cancel your trip, Diane, but nice there are places close enough to do day trips. I really like the looks of Roscoe, those are the types of places I enjoy visiting. That sauce looks good and I know my son would love Wasabi Honey Mustard. The hotter the better for him.

    • Thank you Carla but everything happens for a reason. We may have gotten stuck on the cruise ship or even Covid. Hawaii will still be there when we decide to go again. Roscoe Village was as unique as the flavors of food. I could have taken entire store home! Lol

  10. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of your fun trip. My Internet wouldn’t cooperate in opening the post first time around, but I was determined to see them. It was well worth trying a second time.

  11. First of all, I enjoyed that little sojourn–your photos were wonderful. Second, I’m so glad you had a little getaway. Still hoping for one here. Stay well!

    • It was more of a visual trip with all the beautiful countryside and very few people in town since it was a weekday. It was nice to get away, even if just for a day. Thank you Angela!

  12. What a great tour you gave us Diane – I felt like I was there. This looks like a fun place to visit, quaint and a small town, just how I would like to visit (if not live). The food sounds delicious and I wanted to swipe an onion ring – they looked so good! I’ve not had crayfish – they looked good too. Now you will be featuring crayfish in a recipe. 🙂

    • Thanks Linda! No crayfish featured because I would have no idea where to get them. When I was young we caught them in a stream for fishing bait. I’m not doing that anymore! lol

      • No big fish markets around you? I guess we’d get them at Eastern Market in Detroit. We used to have a fish market down by Bishop Park in Wyandotte on the Detroit River where you could get a fish dinner (only to go) or to buy fresh fish … at Lake Erie Metropark we saw the “chimneys” where the crayfish build their homes when I took an interpretive tour. So we must have them available at fish markets. No, I wouldn’t do that either – we did lots of stuff as kids we would not do nowadays … I know that’s true for me!

      • Gotta make a trip to New Orleans then I guess – oh darn. I’ve never been there, but when I was still at the law firm and worked in Downtown Detroit, we used to go to Fishbone’s Restaurant and they had creole food and used to have crayfish.

      • We used to have a little French bakery on the main floor of the office building where I worked … they had warm beignets and croissants every morning … I had to walk past that place and you could smell the wonderful “fumes” in the street!

  13. OK Di, now you make me want to visit it. It looks like one of those great places you can stay for a month and still not see it all – LOVE THOSE! Thank you for sharing such outstanding pics!

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