My Grape Addiction


That title was misleading. I’m not addicted to grapes, I’m addicted to frozen grapes! Have you ever tasted a frozen grape? If not you need to give it a try. For some reason they taste even sweeter once they are frozen. They don’t freeze rock hard and yet they aren’t mushy either. What a healthy substitute for ice cream!

Why did I start freezing grapes?  

One reason is I didn’t eat them fast enough and I don’t like grapes that get too ripe and lose that freshly picked crunch.

Two is portion control, I freeze them in 8 oz. containers and just take the container out for a sweet and healthy snack.

If you have never tried a frozen grape, you should give it a try!!! If grapes go on sale, it is a great way to save money and be able to eat them for the weeks ahead.

Below is how I freeze mine.


Remove the grapes from the stems

and rinse them in cold water.

Let the grapes drain and dry.



Place the grapes into freezer containers.



Cover and freeze, that’s it!

When you are ready to eat

them, don’t let them thaw.

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  1. A friend showed me this trick decades ago, as she plied her children with them to encourage good behaviour! I tried it, but didn’t particularly cotton to it, so it never became a habit. But, like you, I do love me my grapes – especially the big, sweet, long green ones, or the big fat purple orbs.

    Here in Arizona they keep very well, becoming semi-raisinous, as they dry and age, becoming sweeter by the day without spoiling at all.

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Honestly I’ve never tried a frozen grape! I will try these, thanks for sharing this Diane!
    Oh and did you know grapes prevent cancer? Just something I found out recently, lol.

  3. With 6 kids in the house at one time this was an inexpensive and tasteful alternative to going out and taking out a second mortgage for ice crea.

  4. What a great idea!! I love grapes but I’m the only one in my house that eats them. I end up throwing a lot away. Now I know what to do with them!

  5. There’s something about frozen fruit! I was obsessed with frozen fruit and that was the only way that I would eat them for a certain period of time. Have you tried frozen blueberries? Also, have you tried watermelon after placing it in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes where it’s crunchy? That is my absolute favorite!

    • Oh yes I have 2 blueberry bushes and a freezer full of blueberries. I also have frozen peaches and rhubarb. I bake with the rhubarb though. I grow too much rhubarb and share it with my mother in law. I buy watermelon, cut it into bitesize pieces and put it in a large Tupperware bowl. I am the only one that eats it so I munch on it for about 3 days….so good! I have one for you. Have you ever had pickled watermelon rind? I still have to blog about that one but it is so good too. Not as healthy as plain fruit but very tasty.

      • Yum, I can’t say I’ve actually tried rhubarb. Everyone is missing out on the watermelon! I haven’t had pickled watermelon rind, not did I know there was such a thing! I’ll have to check it out because the rind is so good. Thanks!

  6. That’s an excellent idea, Diane. What a great way to preserve grapes if we buy too many to eat fresh. I sometimes snack on frozen blueberries, especially on a hot summer’s day, but it will be nice to have another healthy frozen fruit option.

      • My mom made frosted strawberries one time … don’t know where she got the recipe for this, but she bought the plastic stems/leaves which look like strawberry stems/leaves from a cooking store we went to. I don’t even remember the name of the store and it was a one-time trip to this small mall. Anyway, you cleaned the strawberries, chilled them and then rolled them in red strawberry Jell-o and put the fake stems in them. I can remember she piddled around with them the longest time and when she put them out, she said “save the stems!”

      • You’re welcome Diane – you would not need the stems at all – just a toothpick, or one of those fancy toothpicks with the frills on it. It was not really messy either, but tasted very good. My mom made the chocolate-dipped strawberries but said it was too messy and wouldn’t do it again. You’ll have to try it Diane once strawberry season arrives,

  7. What a great idea! In the past several weeks I have switched from snacking on Doritos to mainly grapes. I have A LOT of blueberries in the freezer but I was kind of tiring of them (I was given 31 pints and I gave a lot away!). They aren’t the sweet wild blueberries, either, but freezing did improve their sweetness somewhat. I also like pineapple which I have been eating with the grapes. SO, can I freeze pineapple? Now I will freeze grapes! A few weeks ago the local grocery store had those HUGE red grapes on sale for less than $2.00 per pound, normally 3x that much! They were seeded and not as sweet as the smaller seedless type, though. Our local grocery store usually has great produce but more expensive than Wal-Mart (18 miles away). Lettuce, for example, is $1.00 per head more. Thanks for the tip! and take care!

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