Ninja Foodi Dehydrator Review


I picked the last of the herbs from our garden and I wanted to preserve them. I usually dehydrate them in my large Excalibur Dehydrator. I have already dehydrated one huge batch in it and have enough to last until next year. I couldn’t waste the remaining herbs so I thought I would dehydrate them in my Ninja Foodi to see how they would turn out. It is a whole lot smaller than the Excalibur Dehydrator but I figured I could use the double shelf rack that came with it for more room. I put the herbs in pretty thick even overlapping them.


I followed the directions in the manual and found the temperature they suggested to be way too high for dehydrating herbs. The Ninja started to burn the herbs instead of dehydrate them at the suggested temperature so I turned it down. I feel the parsley turned out great and it seemed to dry the parsley a lot faster than the huge Excalibur.


Next I dehydrated the last of my homegrown rosemary. This dried even faster and I even overlapped it.


I was very happy with how it dehydrated. I guess you can’t have too much freshly dehydrated herbs, especially when you grow them yourself!

Pros: I think the Ninja Foodi does a fantastic job at dehydrating just not as high a temperature that the manual stated if you are dehydrating herbs. It was easy and the herbs dried well even though I overlapped them.

Cons: You can only dehydrate small batches at a time. If you only have a small amount to dehydrate this is perfect, however, I grow a lot of herbs and it is easier to dry them all at one time in my larger dehydrator.

I was not compensated in any way for my review.


  1. Thanks for sharing this review and your experience. This would have been great for my end of season fresh herbs (which I hung about my kitchen to dry out). Maybe I will splurge on this someday plus I could make dried apples – yum!

  2. What an awesome thing to be able to grow, dry and use your own homegrown herbs. The Rosemary looks especially awesome! Perfect timing for winter.

    • Every year I have added more herbs to my garden. My perennial herbs have multiplied so much that my raised bed is out of room…lol You can’t get them that fresh in the grocery store. Thanks!

  3. It sounds perfect for someone who does not have a lot of herbs to process. I always enjoy your reviews of your cooking tools and gadgets. You can tell what is important to me, though. I couldn’t help but notice the cup of Witch’s Brew M&M’s.😆

  4. The foodi book recommended 135 F. Your suggestion was lower. Exactly how much lower? Save me from having to experiment and run the risk of wasting herbs…


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