Easy Golumpki Soup


What is Golumpki Soup? It is soup full of cabbage, ground beef, onions, crushed tomatoes, rice and more. Golumpki Soup is the ingredients from cabbage rolls made into soup that is so easy to prepare! You don’t have to make the actual cabbage rolls because everything from the cabbage rolls is in the soup. All that wonderful taste with very little effort!

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.



  1. I pinned this one a couple of years ago when you posted it and have made it several times. It was always a hit at church lunches and my kids love it to. I really need to get a cabbage and make it again.


  2. I love stuffed cabbage, so i will definitely make this soup.

    Also you had a recipe that used noodles, condensed chicken soup, chicken, cheese and heavy cream. I tried it but had to make a rue sauce instead of using the can soup. Too much salt for my husband’s diet. It was delicious! Thanks for sharing.

    I enjoy your recipes because they are easy to follow, and you use ingredients already in your kitchen or easy to find at the local grocery.🤗👣


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