Easy Pizza Dough


This is the easiest Pizza Dough I have ever made. Don’t buy the cans from the store when it is this easy and tastes so much better. Simple ingredients that make the perfect Pizza Dough.

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


Categories: Bread, Pizza


  1. Good timing! My sweety and I were talking about making pizza from scratch and needed a pizza dough recipe! On an aside… My mother made fabulous pizza from scratch when we were all much younger… Thank you, Diane!

  2. NOW, I see this! We bought the cans to make homemade pizza for Father’s Day. It was not a big hit. :/ (Maybe it was the tomato sauce, though. Who knows for sure.)

  3. Omg, I have done so many times pizza at home, but the dough was so big and I ended having a pie instead of a pizza eventually. Will definitely save this! 😂❤️

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