I won Dragonflies!


I entered a contest from http://www.HazyDayzDragonflies.com because I have been admiring them for many months now. I was thrilled to hear I had won! I was even allowed to pick the two dragonflies I wanted. My granddaughter was here when I found out I had won and she fell in love with the hair comb dragonfly. Since I won two dragonflies I got the hair dragonfly for her and one for me. I hung mine in my bedroom from my light over my bed.

These beautiful handcrafted copper dragonflies can be used for decoration, as a Christmas tree ornament, placed outside and even put in your hair. Check this site out because there are many unique handcrafted dragonflies and so much more.

I want to thank Sue for sharing her generosity of her Dragonflies with me and the other winners. The workmanship she puts into her Dragonflies is amazing.


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  1. You are so very kind Diane. This was very unexpected. Your Delta was made with blue and copper bead specifically for YOU as You were my very first “follower” to my site that I didn’t actually know in person. Not typical of the product. No one has one like it.. not even me… Though I have a few small dragonfly mobiles that incorporate that bead. Were destined for a show but it was COVID KIBOSH’d. Will eventually get on my site.🌷🌷🌷

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    • It was well deserved not only for your generosity to have a contest but for the quality of your products! I emailed you a picture of the comb in my granddaughters hair. She was so excited and loves hers as much as I love mine. That means so much that you made mine with the beautiful bead. It looks so nice flying over my bed from my light chain. I feel like it’s an angel looking over me. Thank you again Sue. ❤️


  2. Beautiful – I have some hair combs that are butterflies – it’s been years since I wore my hair in a French braid but used to do this alot and loved collecting hair ornaments. Lucky you – you have won a lot of things this past year!

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