No Bake Cookies


Chocolate, peanut butter and oats cooked completely on top of the stovetop for an easy No Bake Cookie that is so delicious! These are my son’s favorite cookie and I told him I wasn’t going to make them this year when he played the grandson card! His comment was “Oh great I wanted to introduce my son to No Bake Cookies this year!” Yes it worked!

To view the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.



  1. They’re my favorite Christmas cookie too and I just made a batch Saturday, but as it’s rapidly dwindling, I’ll need to make another later in the week. I took pics for a blog while I was making it, but haven’t posted it yet. A few years ago, I gave some to my hairdresser who was trying to teach her 18yr old son to cook a bit before he moved out, and he started with my recipe! There’s nothing more rewarding than chocolate. They’re favorites for potlucks too.

  2. These are so delicious! My best friend made them for my sister and me the first time we were able to meet in person. Happy memories. 💜💜💜

  3. Will you be making old fashion “Icebox Cookies” – the kind that you cram the dough into your square lard/shortening box and chill overnight and then slice VERY thinly crosswise to produce square crispy maple walnut flavoured cookies? No icing required. I’d like to order 3 dozen please… 😀

  4. Ha ha – the old “grandson card” when he wanted them all for himself. They sound easy and breezy … perhaps even I could make them (once the Windows 10 laptop is no longer sitting on there) … I put it there thinking my using it was imminent … NOT. I have a small house, with not enough plugs and not enough spare surfaces, so it stays there all the time, except when I heat up something. I run the hot water and it is hot enough to make my instant coffee or even mix my oatmeal (and I don’t use quick-cooking oats, I use the old-fashioned Quaker oats).

    • You definitely could make these. They freeze well too! Just take them out when you get a sweet craving! If I lived by myself I would love a small house. I am still on my mission of cleaning out (pitching) stuff. I have one more large container of Christmas things to give away or throw way. I have so many huge totes that were full of Christmas decorations and not anymore! How long do you wait to eat the oatmeal? I assume it still gets cooked most of the way? I love oatmeal!

      • Lots of stuff downstairs and this house is done in Early American furniture and with a country theme and a lot of the decorations are country inspired from trips to various craft shows through the years, but we had some Precious Moments nutcrackers that were nice, a Boyds Bear tree, Snoopy and Friends holiday train – it used to take an entire day to put everything up/out and then to take it down. Next year I will put more out – I put a few ornaments out this year and that is it. Clutter is everywhere!! I used to cook or microwave oatmeal every morning – gave the microwave away to my neighbor and I make three or four days of oatmeal ahead of time. Take plastic cups and make separate servings ahead of time … I even put powdered milk on the bottom of the cup, then two scoops of Quaker old-fashioned oatmeal, scoop of dark raisins or the chopped up dates, a 1/4 cup of the shelled sunflower seeds and run the hot water and fill the cup (don’t even use a bowl to have to wash … lazy) … give it about 4 minutes and the oatmeal is cooked … no muss or fuss. I have been doing this for years and now am sorry for the mess I made every morning cooking it. When I had the microwave and my mom was still here, we would have Cream of Wheat or Maypo sometimes but it was high maintenance as you had to keep stirring it not to get lumps.
        I like Cream of Wheat but never get it creamy in a pot on the stovetop and I don’t care for the packaged Cream of Wheat … too thin and watery … I like the oatmeal very thick as it sticks to my ribs if I’ve headed out on a long walk as I don’t eat again for maybe 5-6 hours. Try it, you’ll like it (like Mikey in the Life commercial).

  5. Haha! Very clever to play the “Grandson” card. No wonder you couldn’t refuse!
    P.S. These look delicious. I make a version without the peanut butter, but I’m adding PB the next time.

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