I Won Another Contest!!!


What a wonderful week this has been! I think I should play the lottery. I received another package in the mail from a contest I entered from Robin’s website at http://www.haphazardhomemaker.com! Robin has a wonderful website with so many great ideas so check it out. Thank you Robin for your generosity.

Do you have a salt inhaler? If so, what do you think about it? I can’t wait to see if it works. Does this mean I will retain fluid and get high blood pressure? 🤣😂🤣


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  1. I dont know. In the the past it was thought inhaling salt cleared the whole resperatory system .people went miles just to take earthly salts in vapor at Roman baths. Today who knows what benefits exist . i take little salt only on boiled eggs. As everything today is saturated in salts. Stock cubes are the death of man kind. Try it and if it helps you have won. Or ring your doctor or ask a food expert. all on line should be an answer or take the short cut as all we eat and drinks kill s us one day. One carrot and bowl of oats is all we need a day but who wants to deny we love food so get in there and enjoy. Make sense to you.Well! no one is genius dear.

  2. Congratulations Diane. Robin is so sweet, what a nice thing to do. Might be onto something there, maybe you should buy a lottery ticket, who knows, you might even win there too. So fun to win things.

    • I know right! Remember I told you I’m freeing myself of things? I went through my Beanie Baby collection and have about 200-250 Beanie Babies. I am taking them to a place that gives out toys to underprivileged kids for Christmas. I had them all stored in plastic cases and am thrilled to think of kids playing with them. Still have a long way to go but this feels good!

      • Your Beanie Babies may be worth something though Diane – it is a nice gesture what you are doing, but if you had them in plastic cases and you were a collector back in the day, I’ll bet there are collectors if you looked on e-Bay that would like the entire collection to add to their collection. I’ve never bought or sold anything on eBay but it is worth a look.

      • I know but I just wanted them out of here. The place was very grateful to have so many to give out to the kids. I still have all of the McDonalds beanies I can sell. If they don’t sell they will go to Goodwill where some of my clients work.

      • When you are done decluttering, please consider a visit to my house okay? I am going to write a Christmas post next year about all the bears and that Boyd’s tree and my mom bought me a tapestry jacket with the same Boyd’s bears on the Christmas tree – this is because I collected teddy bears for years. When I was a baby I was allergic to stuffed animals and couldn’t have them – so after years and years of allergy shots (still get them to this day, once a month), my mom and I were shopping one day and she saw this cute bear and said “I’m going to get him for you – poor kid – you never had stuffed animals as a kid.” That started a collection of 50 and I ran out of room to put them, so had to stop somewhere. I’d have a difficult time parting with them – each one was bought for a special reason or a gift and I have bears that other people bought me as they knew I was a collector … the collection kind of morphed!

      • So many memories I’m sure! It has taken me 3 years to get rid of the beanies. I started small by donating 35 to a developmentally disabled adult Christmas party. Then another 25 to my granddaughters classroom. I think doing it in small groups is what made me realize they are just things and that they sat there for years and I never even looked at them. The huge open area in my basement has me excited to do more. Your collection may be able to be sold to a collector should you ever decide to sell it. The secret is baby steps. You will still have your memories and you probably never look at them anyway….right? Take a picture of each one as it takes up less room.

      • That is true – I have pics of the groups of them that I took a few years ago … a friend of mine collects vintage dolls and sent me pics of her collection, so I sent pics of the bears (52 of them). 🙂

  3. Hi congrats …well,salt inhalers are good if they work the way they are supposed to…but remember they could irritate the airways and cause other complications…so,as for me it’s better to be safe and not use them…but you could go ahead and do some research and see…
    and Right about now:::
    🤶🎅🤶🎅🎅 MERRY CHRISTMAS Diane🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊

  4. Hi Congrats Diane….well, salt inhalers are good if they work the way they are supposed to…but remember they could irritate airways and cause other serious complications..so as for me, I’d rather do without them…but you could do some research and see…

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