Have you ever eaten at a Japanese Restaurant? If you haven’t and you ever get the chance….go! It is so much fun and entertaining. This post is about a trip to a Japanese restaurant called Samurai. My daughter took my grandson to a dinosaur performance, my husband had to work and I took my 8 year old granddaughter for some entertainment! Yes I said fun! They create fire, throw food that you catch with an open mouth and even squirt Sake into your mouth. Eight people sit at a hibachi table and the food is cooked right at your table on the griddle.



Here we go!



In the lobby is a fish pond.



Going to our table.



My granddaughter had no idea

what was about to happen. They

brought her food first. She opted

for the chicken nuggets of course.

She ate her food with chopsticks…lol



She laughed at the “little doll”

on top of one of the sauce bottles.



The hibachi chef made a heart out of

alcohol and lit it. Scared her to death…lol



He flipped the spatula’s into the air.



Then he flipped the eggs with

the spatula until he dropped it.



Next came the food. We were given pasta

with all the special sauces while

he prepared the fried rice.



Our table ordered steak,

shrimp and I had calamari. It all

came with fresh cooked vegetables.

I also had a chance to try Yum Yum

Sauce for the first time ever….yummy!



While the meat was cooking we were

entertained with the onion volcano.

First it looked like a candle.



Then it erupted into this! He was cooking

for this couple that was celebrating their

10th anniversary too. Normally there are eight

people to cook for but it was slow this night.



Dinner was just about ready.



My calamari meal was so good. Β My

granddaughter and I had a great time.

It was a special day for us both!

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  1. Japanese food and South East Asian food, in general, is very popular here in Australia – in fact when we were in Europe a couple of years ago for my daughter’s wedding I just couldn’t wait to get home and have some lovely Asian food!! This looks like a fun night, Diane!! Little kids can pick up the use of chopsticks very easily and we love to use them, even at home!! Have a great week and thank you for sharing!
    Donna πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈβ€οΈπŸ

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  2. Just adore Japanese food after dinning in English japan eating house and tea room. I cook Japanese meals twice a week here in my kitchens. Just love change and dark sauces mushrooms ginger and wasobi with chicken or beef. I can make about 30 old recipes from Japan visit it 1987. Before my wife died with cancer. Knocked the heart out of me but can see her in dreams enjoying life with me.She loved Japanese meals and so do I.

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    • I have never made anything Japanese! I would love to have 30 recipes from Japan…lucky you! It’s a good thing I don’t live close to you I would be over for a Japanese dinner at least once a week…lol So sorry to hear about your wife it sounds like you shared a wonderful life together.


  3. How exciting!! Though we have few Japanese restaurants here but I still have no idea how it tastes πŸ˜… but seeing your experience looks like I have to try it soon.

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  4. I always feel so stingy at these sort of places because I want all the food that’s being cooked & not have to share with everyone else at the table lol. One other couple isn’t so bad though. 😊 Fun getting to read through your experience with your granddaughter! Felt like I was right there with you guys!

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    • This place always gives everyone a small piece of the entire table which is clever because you taste it and want to come back. It’s just a bite like one shrimp, bite of chicken etc. but so nice to taste it all. Thanks so much Hunida!

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