Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract


Making your own Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract couldn’t be easier. Bottle it up for a fantastic gift or use it for your own homemade baked goods for an amazing flavor. The clear bottle was the first day. The tea colored bottle is a week and the bottle below is 6 months.


To read about the step by

step process and to print the recipe card click HERE.


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  1. Knew this trick but could never get to the 6-month stage. Found the bottle kept depleting itself, 1.5 ounces at a time.🤔🤫😲😉

  2. Wow – didn’t know people made their own. I got some vanilla for my mom when I visited Tijuana, Mexico many years ago – it was something our tour guide suggested we get for ourselves or baking friends as it was a high proof. My mom loved it and asked why I didn’t get a bigger bottle. It smelled heavenly.

  3. Oh how cool is this, Diane! I have never thought to make my own vanilla extract. Even though I used to make many medicinal herbal extracts when my kids were little. I’m going to have to try this.

    So interesting about the vanilla beans too. Great port!

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    • You’re welcome! Right now the vanilla beans are expensive. Look on Amazon and do price comparison. My vanilla never runs out. Once my main bottle gets about 1/3 gone, I drop in a few more beans and refill with more vodka. Because it’s alcohol, it doesn’t go bad.

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