Non-Stick Pan Coating


Don’t ever buy spray cooking oil again! Three simple ingredients is all it takes to make this fabulous Non-Stick Pan Coating and it lasts for months. It is made with the same ingredients you would normally use to bake with.

When I first started baking I would grease my pans and then dust them with flour, always making a mess! I use to sell decorated cakes and found a container of Non-Stick Pan coating from the cake decorating supplies at the store. It was the best thing ever back then. Cakes, muffins, pies etc. popped right out of the pan. Spring forward to today when I like to make most everything myself. This recipe is as good as, if not better, than the one I bought way back then.

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  1. The last time you posted this, I was sure I would make it and never did. Thanks for the reminder, I definitely need to try this. I tend to use parchment paper a lot, this would be a lot cheaper.

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