Silicone Pastry Brush Product Review


I haven’t posted a product review in a while. Tuesday my husband and I took our semi annual trip to Amish Country. Our visits always include a stop at Lehman’s which is like an Amish Country Store. It has just about anything you could want. The kitchen section is huge and has everything you could ever imagine for a kitchen. Every time we go there I buy something I have never had or used before.

I have used a natural bristle and wood handled pastry brush my entire adult life. They always get discolored within a few months and I throw them away. Not anymore! This silicone brush is heat resistant, great to use to BBQ with, it comes in different colors and clean up is a breeze. No more discolored bristles on my pastry brush. This one gets a thumbs up!

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  1. I stopped using the natural bristle brushes quite a few years ago when I almost choke someone with a stray bristle in the barbeque sauce! I love these because you can put them in the dishwasher and they do not shed!

  2. I want one now please as like you I dump then at one or two bastings. Went today to a big garden with 8 acre lake the rest in pines 60 foot tall and under that canopy a host of Rhodi giants all in bloom .Scent was heady and best of all avenues wide to walk om around. Five hours flashed by .The road home another two hours just in time for roast chicken dinner on timer. BEST ever garden for rare plants in this world. Babita Gardens Riga on 70 acres since one mans vision saw it happened from 1960s. Dead now but a tribute to a sainted soul. Saw Russian girls as pretty as paint in traditional dress like real ladies. Graceful they are and so gentle. drove back the 100 miles a happy man even in my national dress is a silk crimson gown with ermine cuffs and collar with a coronet on my head looking much as if stuffed as Christmas cake. Not done to wear it here. Tell me how to buy one of those brushes dear please.

  3. Did you and your husband go to Shipshewana or to a place in Ohio Diane? Years ago my mom and I took a little trip to Shipshewana and enjoyed it.

    • This place is near Orville where Smuckers is located. It is closer to southern Ohio. I have always wanted to go to Shipshewana though! My brother lives in Indiana so that would be a great trip.

      • You should go – you would enjoy it. It was years ago I went with my mom. We also went to St. Jacob in Ontario and stayed in a bed and board called Jacobstettel. It was a Mennonite community (similar). Had a nice time there as well.

  4. Diane, I have had a silicone brush for a while and really like it, but it’s more for basting; yours is wider and much better for pastry. I need to put that on my list.

    • This is my first time using silicone. I really never thought they would work as good as the natural bristle brushes until now. I spent so much money on the natural bristle brushes and threw them all away in no time at all. So glad I discovered these….actually my husband is the one that saw them. Change is good…lol

  5. ive heard of lehmans but didnt know it was an amish business.
    will chk it out the next time im nearby one!

      • which state is this in?
        i get em confused (not good) with the mormons, so im thinking of Utah, for some reason.

      • No not Mormon, Amish. Check out their website it’s fun to look at the things they sell like oil lamps etc. & anything that doesn’t need electricity.

    • Hahaha the silicone Bristol’s are very soft. Nothing stains it, the sauce sticks well for basting and clean up is a breeze. In my 40 plus years of cooking it is the best pastry brush I have ever had.

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